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A little exercise...


I thought it might be fun to reproduce a Guido Reni rendition of St. Paul using a trompe l'oeil theme and a bit of Photoshop.

Even when I'm not working on a paying gig, I find it extremely helpful to mess around with classic images to stay sharp and possibly pick up a trick or two.

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So, if you're just messing around, how long does a little gem like this take? When you posted the series "painter at work" one of the things that I wondered about was how long that work took to come together as well.



"Transformation" was done in about seven sessions. A session could be as little as an hour of work time, or as much as five hours. It all depends on what needs to be done so it can dry overnight. If I'm working on three canvases, I'm always at a stage something needs to be done because one of the pieces has dried and is ready for a new layer of paint.

To answer your question, I guess I put in twenty to thirty hours of work on that painting featured in my "Painter at Work" posts.


"Little Exercise" was done in a couple hours.

Thanks, John. Guess I'll stay with trying to get it right in the camera. I love the digital darkroom but seldom leave myself much time to fool around and get it polished in Photoshop. Lightroom has been a big boon in work flow for a shooter.



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