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Rahm Emanuel


Emanuel is a serious Democrat insider. He made his bones in Chicago poliltics (not known for the cleanest tactics) as senior adviser and chief fund raiser for Mayor Richard Daley in'89. Went on to be a Clinton adviser from '92 to '98.

What's particualarly significant: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman since '02. This guy has got to know some serious dirt on just everybody in Congress. Make no mistake, this dude is a shark.

And now he's Obama's chief of staff, the conduit between the President and Congress. He might be the THIRD most powerful man in the White House, behind the Prez and the VP.

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You forgot his horns!


This guy is a bulldog thug in "the Chicago way", as Sean Connery so simply put it in "The Untouchables" (1987).

I disagree with one point. These days, unless summoned, the VP needs to get an appointment like anyone else to see the PREZ. That goes through he Chief of Staff. I think Biden will basically be discarded to the basement.


No substantive argument with any of you on your assessments--but I do have one [rhetorical] question:


Insomuch as rot, decay, & decline are change, I suppose so.


Oh...BTW. The bit about knowing some dirt on everybody? It's the Saul Alinsky way. The man has already started. It's all in the books, right there for us to read.

Dr Bob:

Yup a grade A thug.

Regarding having the dirt. If he doesn't have it, he'll create some.

He will be the enforcer - you play it Obama's way or it's the highway.

Can hardly wait until he tries to steamroll over Reid and Pelosi.

Then he'll follow up with having the "blue dogs" for "lunch".

That ought to be fun to watch.


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