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24" x 24"
oil on masonite

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I'm no art critic, but this is interesting to me. I'm not a psychologist either, but there are not any of the accustomed strong bright blues offset by a few, very contrasting, and interesting warm tones, if not bright reds. Combine this with the laying down composition. Just an observation. Is this statement intentional?

For me, I'm sad and worried about some things I hold very dear.


All I can say is that I identify with the work. Sad day sans colors...


This a portrait of exhaustion.


Apologies for my projection.



What is there to be so much sadder about now than before? It is fun to opine about this stuff, but it isn't LIFE.

The only "conservative" thing that Jorge W. did was cut tax rates. He was a Rockefeller Republican rubber-stamping Spendocrat who never vetoed a spending bill.

It doesn't help matters when you consider that W. "worked" with legislatures that were looser than Reagan could have imagined--& Reagan was dealing with veto-proof Dem majorities.

Ol' Jorge took office with a Republican Congress, & together they proceeded to rape & pillage the American taxpayer.

A lot of people want to give W. credit for "protecting us from terrists". IMO, his "war" was too much "schock & awe" & too little "overwhelming force". Maybe 9/11 knocked him off-kilter, but in the end, he's a dim bulb (but no dimmer than Gore, Kerry, or Obama).

Don't forget that McCain is left of W.. Don't forget McCain-Feingold (which W. called "unconstitutional" but signed anyway). Don't forget that Democrats were courting McCain to run against H. W. Bush before Clinton "made his mark" on the scene.

Our republic is declining. It has been for a long time now. We'll just be going a little faster. IMO, there hasn't been a president truly worthy of the office since Monroe, & I can't name 2 congressmen who aren't sell-outs.

While I'll continue to hope & pray that BHO doesn't screw things up too much, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to watching the dumb masses wretch with the severe case of "buyers' remorse" they're about to experience.


"Buyer's Remorse". Yeah, I get that feeling as well.

I also get John's work. TWO FREAKIN' years of campaigning has left me wrung out, dried out, and surprisingly short on emotion at the moment.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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