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Illustration Gig:


This is an upcoming magazine cover I did for Robert Tracinski's The Intellectual Activist. The main article is a discussion on how Marxism is creeping into mainstream America.

NOTE: The wall space under the graffiti is where additional copy goes.

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I have a sort of vision of a Marx (or Obama) portrait painted on the underside of the top plate of a machine press. Society is on the lower plate. The dumb masses are in a frenzy, cheering as the portrait draws closer. There are those who are trying to brace for the inevitable--but in vain.

Masses, dumb-masses, they all fall down.


The tape holding Marx's picture together says a lot.


Is it just me, or does "Uncle Karl" bear a disturbing resemblance to the Haddon Sundblom Santa Claus?

“Do not bite at the bait of [a vague yet attractive-sounding proposition] till you know there is no hook beneath it.” – Thomas Jefferson [paraphrased]

Too late, folks. We're in the boat now.

“One of the defining characteristics of being an American is that when things are bad, SOMETHING must be done—even if doing so makes things significantly worse—as has overwhelmingly been the case.”


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