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Hoping for the Best:

I know that America has turned a blind eye to the wars going on and has focused on an economy in debt and run by debt, but isn't that a bit harsh?

..especially when one of the main policy points was to refocus efforts on Afghanistan to fight the terrorist organization responsible for 9/11..



No, that isn't the least bit harsh.

"The surge will not work." - BHO, ca. February 2007 (& on)

"The surge is not working." - BHO, ca. March 2007 (& on)

By August 2007, BHO decided to hedge his bets & (VERY briefly) floated the idea of invading [American ALLY] Pakistan (he quickly backpedalled; the press let it slide).

All comments against "the surge" were removed from Obama's web site in July 2008 & replaced with a meally-mouthed version of the following:

"Well, you can say it worked, but everything I said about the surge not working is still true." - BHO (paraphrased)

Did GWB goof? YEP. Did WJC deplete our military resources? YEP. (Was JSM-III a particularly poor choice for Republican Nominee? YEP.) The last American military deployment/withdrawal that wasn't particularly politicized to appeal to a [perceived] majority constituency was probably The Revolution. Has BHO done anything to suggest that he's going to be any different? H#@% NO. He's an articulate, politically savvy know-nothing (high E.Q., low I.Q.).

God help us.



Not so much funny as disturbing, but still batting 1.000.



The only times I've seen HBO be "articulate" is when he is using a teleprompter or set talking points. When he is talking off-the-cuff, he stutters and fumbles for words.


Hey, I wonder what's going on on John's site today....aaaaaaah!
(backs away slowly from the page)


Have the white flags been ordered yet?


Dead on again!

A lot of people have no idea what's coming.


When I'm doing political cartoons, I'm wary of jumping the gun. But, as it turns out, I'm aware that the Obama administration has painted itself into a corner. Conservatives (me, included) have a feeling what got Obama into office (CHANGE!) doesn't bode well.


I dont think your political art is too harsh, I do think that some people refuse to look at "more reality" than what they have fenced themselves in with. (I know I know, but I'm more of a vernacular speaker than a proper sentence structure speaker)

Dr. Bob:

It suddenly dawned on me that in slightly less than 4 years from now the dialogue could be reversed.


Only one thing wrong. from all I've seen O would delegate the job to an underling so down the road that underling could be thrown under the bus with it turned out to be a huge mistake.


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