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Second Incinerator Stark


The situation on Galaphon was a bit messy, but, hey, a dead Briocine is a good Briocine.

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Wow! A giant Lesbianofoban from the Zeti Reticuli Star Group. A very rare find!


2nd Incinerator Stark, was conflicted. Yes, he took pride in defending the galaxie, but the constant harping of the Talk Peace crowd was wearing him thin. The latest espisode on Gapaphon drove home the point. The Talk Peace crowd had 'negotiated' with a Briocine who'd recently landed near their colony. The Brioicine had announced it's presence by consuming 3 colonists a day. The TP crowd had 'negotiated' this down to 1 colonist a day, proclaiming a 'great moral victory' and a 'win-win' for both sides. Stark had confronted the Brio, who declined further talks, claiming they gave it a headache. Stark raised a point of order with his Zalaxion 5000, burning a
20mm hole thru the Brio's carapice, thus ending it's life cycle. Stark's reward was a complaint filed against him by the TP's with the Galaphon High Council. Seems there are allegations that Briocine are on the endangered species list, given their LBGT lifestyle.


Entertaining stuff.


GF should be writing mystery novels...hmmmmm...maybe he is.


Aw shucks! 4 or 5 shots of Bushmill's and I can wax poetic on just about anything, hic! And make as much sense as Joe Biden! :o)


A good single malt is my fuel, but I have to watch it because people like Rex point out my bad grammar!


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