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Gator Bait


Cruising the backwaters of New Orlean's pirate country near Lafitte.

(left to right)
Doc (Trackside Tavern Owner)....had a good night at the tables at Harrah's.
Brandon (fellow dart player and photographer)....celebrated his birthday at Emerils.
Geri (paralegal)....showed all of us the best of New Orleans.
Me (instigator)....obviously out of my element.

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You all appear to be in "Jeff Foxworthy" mode.


Blue Beard would've been proud of this crew! Where was the Captain Morgan stored?


In Davey Jones' Locker, with the Gatorade.

Tom Wms.:

On a recent trip to the bayou, Brandon (fellow dart player and photographer) shows everybody what he found in his nose.

Looks like a great trip. How were the crawdads?


Didn't partake. Stuck with oysters and Ambita Amber.

Did have a steak at Emeril's.


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