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Say What?


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I da' know...she came blowing in one day on her umbrella. Said she came from Cherry Tree Lane. My dad says she's staying 'cause she straightened out some English brats one time. She's un-kool! All she does is wake up singing crap right out of ancient history, talks to the freaking birds, and shoves cough syrup down our throats. Ugggggh! She doesn't even have cell phone for Christ's sake.

Usually, being filled with hot air isn't enough to get 'em floating, but when their egos get inflated like this, plus all that sunshine they blow up your skirt, there's nothing left for it but to tie a string to their ankles and wait until the election.

Hold onto Harry while I go get the Nurse.
He put too much Stick-Um on his new broom.


"Mom says he's full of hot air...Dad says he's full of crap. Mom said this proves she's right...then Dad said 'You'd better watch your head--that [insert politician's name here] crap can't fly forever.'"

trasaction buisness


Don't ask me how it happened! Death must have somehow outsmarted the security and gotten onto the conveyor belt while the balloon line was left unsupervised!


I told you to stop yelling "Obama's here!". Luckily I don't let my Mom out these days without a rope around her ankle.


"This really sucks. My parents made me join the 'church' of Scientology with them a few months ago. I'm not hip to the doctrine; I actually exposed the organization as a huge fraud by finding my local chapter's second set of books & posting them on my My Space page. In an attempt to convert me, they decided to discipline me by making me serve as a soul catcher 'until I come around to their way of thinking.' On a more positive note: Marcy, I'd like you to meet Isaac Hayes."

Tom Wms.:

I saw where the Chinese have kite fighting contests. I hope mine'll scare the crap out of 'em!


I'm hoping to get it entered in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

The Culinarian:

Frank got into our old acid stash today. He thinks he's Pegasus. And to think I said walking a dog would be a pain.


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