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McCain Chooses Miss Congeniality


Why does choosing an obscure governor (she had the job for a shorter period of time than OBAMA HAS BEEN RUNNING FOR PREZ!) from an obscure state (have you checked out the population total of Alaska lately?) strike me as incredibly desparate? Does McCain expect me to believe Sara Palin is an EXCELLENT choice to lead the United States if he suddenly is unable to maintain the presidency? Her resume reads like a fortune cookie.

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You could be right, you coukd be wrong, your only problem is that Obama said more or less the same things... B-)


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She has more foreign policy experience than Obama -
She made a deal with Canada on a natural gas pipeline, her state has a border with Russia, She visited the Alaskan National Guard Troops in Iraq and Germany.

She is a great running mate for McCain.
I'd rather have her in the White House than Obama.


Your point about her being governor for less time than O! has been running for president is exactly the point! She has been running a state, making executive decisions, dealing with bordering countries, bucking the state and federal do-nothings - while O! has been running for president, not doing his job as senator. He is an utter buffoon, with less executive and foreign experience than the allegedly inexperienced VICE-PRESIDENTIAL candidate on the other ticket. Miss Congeniality my left buttcheek - Sarah Palin is the American Story!


John: You gotta admit that McCain threw a hand grenade into Obama's lap, and so far he's fumbled it. Barry advocates CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! Then picks a 30+ year Washington insider as a running mate. The Dems are screaming Palin has no 'experience' to be qualified as a VP. Now that's funny as hell considering the level of "experience" Obama has to be running for president. At least Palin has been making executive decisions, both at the local and state levels. She's challenged the status quo of her own party. When have Barry and Joe ever done that? She has an 80% approval rating. Want to compare those to McCain, Barry or Joe? This election cycle was a YAWN! until now. I'll bet even Hillary! is pissed because of the potential problems she'll face in 2012 if Barry takes a dump and McCain decides to step down after one term if he's elected. This election has now become very very interesting.
PS Shoulda put a gun in Sarah's hand, woulda made a better pic!


Overwhelming EMOTIONAL response. Geez, you make her sound like a more viable choice for U.S. president than McCain. The ol' "one heartbeat away" thing has got me rattled.

Nah, their argument is that she's qualified similarly to Obama, which is more appropriate for VP than P.

I think emotional responses are to be expected, whether it is your anxiety or their excitement, since she is an unknown at the moment. McCain's life expectancy also probably plays into the fear, too, as you note.

I do like their whole anti-corruption vibe but that's about all I know so far. We'll see how she fleshes out.

GarandFan wrote: "PS Shoulda put a gun in Sarah's hand, woulda made a better pic!"

Yeah, but you'd say that about every pic, right, G? :)


Nah Kevin, won't work with The Obamassiah or Biden. Besides, they'd probably shoot themselves.

I see John's point about the 'one heart beat away' thing, still the woman has cajonnes to buck the good ol' boys of Alaska and won the governor's office WITHOUT the help of the GOP.

From what I've read so far, she's got more to offer than Barry. And he's running for president.

Wonder what Barry's thinking about her...the woman who tore up 'the bridge to nowhere' that he voted for.

I've seen pics of her with a gun in her hand. She's long-time NRA member, has a voting record that doesn't read "present," despite being pro-life (a plus for me)has the pro-hillary femdems in a tither. Dammit, I'm hoping MCain drops dead of a Heart attack November 3rd.


Is McCain an "excellent" choice for president? Is Obama? NO and NO

Is Biden an "excellent" choice to succeed Obama? NO

The two ways that I see to vote in this election are either "lesser of two evils" in self defense, or follow my conscience 100% & vote "no confidence." The closer we get to 11/04, the less comfortable I am in my conscience (& the more I gag at the prospect of an Obama/Biden Casablanca).

Since when do experience & qualifications count anyway? When women were first granted suffrage, they voted overwhelmingly for the "handsome" candidate, J. Cox. Nixon was overwhelmingly more qualified than Kennedy, but lost due to "the handsome/charisma" factor (Doesn't say much for Kennedy, does it?). Clinton (Mr. Experience?) defeated Dole primarily because of "the charisma factor," secondarily due to the nature of 3rd party politics.

Palin is a ploy for the "dumb masses" disenfranchised feminist vote. It doesn't matter what committed voters think--it only matters what the knee-jerk soft-headed bleeding-heart on-the-fencers think.

Finally, if politicians stuck to their [Constitutional] job descriptions & faithfully protected the liberties of us all equally, it wouldn't matter who held what office.


"Finally, if politicians stuck to their [Constitutional] job descriptions & faithfully protected the liberties of us all equally, it wouldn't matter who held what office."

True to a certain extent.

As to Palin; I'd refer to her comment earlier this year. "Just what does a VP do?" Sounds to me that she's saying that she doesn't want to be used just to attract women voters. She wants a job with more substance than just "a bucket of warm spit".

We'll have to see how she handles the Maureen Dowd crowd.

If causing the Left to pitch an incandescent green, gold, and purple fit is a good qualification, then Palin has it in spades:


Since her nomination, $7 million made its way into McCain's coffers.

The base is energized, because she's Sarah the Pork-Slayer.

Chris Muir says she's Ginger Rogers to Obama's Astair because she does it all backwards and in high heels.

The woman is sharp as a tack, tough as nails, phony as a 5-dollar bill.

If she motivates the base to pull the lever for McCain -- yes, on emotions, but emotions are what get people to the polls -- then she's worth the risk.



I don't expect Palin will "just" be used to attract women voters (& keep the base from going comatose), but she will indeed perform that function. Until 11/04, it's safe to say that's her primary function.

VP Job Description:
(1) Preside over the Senate
(2) Break tie votes in the Senate
(3) Preside over the Electoral College (& certify its vote count)
(4) Spokesperson/advisor for/to the Prez & PR Rep for the country.

Heck--Al Gore could almost do that.

On the succession issue: Is she qualified? As Kevin pointed out, as well as Obama is to hold the office in the first place--& I would at least trust her to surround herself with competent advisors if she was required to step up (can't say the same for Biden).

I don't have enough info to make a determination on her abilities otherwise. However, she appears to be the first mainstream woman candidate who is articulate & bright & clean & a nice-looking gal (Joe Biden, you really are a loser).

RA Crouch, Michigan:

I have all the Cox and Forkum books where democrats made great fodder but things are different - today.

I was honestly torn on who to vote for this November. I normally vote Republican however McCain and Obama are both really good Democrats. Ultimately, the VP choices solved this personal crisis I was having.

Palin is a great selection—she brings pretty to the GOP ticket.

Seven years of city level politics and almost four years of state level politics will ensure she has the experience necessary to function on the national and international level and even assume the duties of president should something occur to our geriatric presidential hopeful who has already endured four episodes of cancer.

Her courage is demonstrated by accepting the VP running mate position despite the videotaped interview where she admits she does not know what the VP does.

Her BS degree in Journalism and background in sports journalism will make her instrumental in handling the media. A job that Political Science JD Joe Biden would surely mishandle.

Her prolife position is demonstrated through her five children and her choice to keep a Down syndrome child allowing the child to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Supporting the teaching of creationism in school demonstrates her devotion to religion where women are subordinate to men making her perfect for the VP position.

Extending a job well done to Mr. McCain! Despite the fact that McCain graduated 894 out of 899 in his Naval class, his VP selection demonstrates wisdom, insight, and unparalleled judgment that Harvard Magma Cum Laude JD Obama never will have.

I trust that the legislative probe against Palin for the firing of a commissioner regarding the divorce of her sister will be dropped.


RA Crouch, Michigan:


You are gushing over Palin regarding a natural gas pipeline with Canada, a border with Russia, and you said she visited Alaskan National Guard troops in Iraq and Germany.

Your URL says you are from Sweden which means you should not pontificate on who you would rather have in OUR Whitehouse.

Regardless, let me correct all of your errors:

The pipeline was negotiated by the U.S. State Department, not Alaska. Other countries do not make agreements with individual states. Alaska does not have a border with Russia. When the Alaskan National Guard was mobilized they immediately became federal soldiers under U.S. control –Palin visited these U.S. soldiers in Germany and Kuwait, she has never been to Iraq.

Everything you said about Palin was wrong.

But here is a factual conundrum about Palin that is difficult to understand or accept.

Given Palin's position on the death penalty for child molesters and her prolife position even on the subject of rape, a child molester could be executed while his child victim is further victimized by being forced to have the baby of the rapist.

Palin is not prolife if she is willing to execute people. She is however Anti-Choice. In this scenario the little girl was not given a choice in being raped and not given a choice in aborting the pregnancy of her rapist. This is a very real scenario that CAN be made possible with Palin.


Wow you guys are really fired up over this! Me too. I like her, even with the statement today about her pregnant daughter! If she is a heartbeat away then the people who need to be shaking in their boots are "Ditzy Nancy","Dingy Harry" and the rest of the dead beat do nothing Socialists and Republicans in Congress. She won't put up with their crap either!


Reading more through the string a little bit more, I agree with the Terwerly-man again! Joe Biden is definitely a loser!!!!!!

He's an old time progressive socialist with the same old "Great Society" stuff who was picked for VP by a new progressive socialist putting out the same old "Great Society" stuff which he calls "Change"!

SP would definitely be a change!


Resume is no shorter than Obama's and has some areas of greater strength. Appears to be personally politically savvy and good at managing finances. What the hell? Could do worse!


People keep on harping that Palin would be 'one heart beat away from being President'.

How do those same people feel about Joe Biden being in the same position?


Tom Wms.:

Wow! This one brought everybody out from under the covers, didn't it?

1. I like her. She wouldn't have been my first choice, but then I didn't know anything about her.
2. She and McCain have both proven they are not afraid to step to the edge and look over the clliff. If they shake up the status quo, then we all win.
3. Thursday night, Obama had his greatest moment. By 1:00 PM (EDT) on Friday, nobody could remember what Obama said on Thursday. By introducing Sarah Palin, McCain "erased the tape".

The presidential campain which has been going on for two years finally got interesting. At long last, there is at least one ticket with some conservative values.

Everybody keeps talking about McCain's age. Hell, he's only ten years older than me! I am confident that Palin could step in without any problems.

McCain is slightly better than a moderate Democrat, and eminently better than Obama and Biden combined. Sarah Palin has elected experience, appointed experience, and life experiences far superior to anything Obama and Biden can add to their resumes.

PS John, I like the picture.


Thanks for the nice word.

I didn't see this one coming. Kinda glad I picked a topic my visitors could get into.

AK Craig:

RA Crouch from Michigan,

By your logic you should not pontificate on things from Alaska. I work in the industry and the Governor WAS the one who negotiated the gas line. She created AGIA and then awarded TransCanada to build it. TransCanada is a Corp. not a country. TransCanada is going to build the gas line from the Slope to the States through Canada.

AK Craig:

RA Crouch from Michigan,

By your logic you should not pontificate on things from Alaska. I work in the industry and the Governor WAS the one who negotiated the gas line. She created AGIA and then awarded TransCanada to build it. TransCanada is a Corp. not a country. TransCanada is going to build the gas line from the Slope to the States through Canada.



You "normally vote Republican"? I don't believe it.

Your "facts" are straight from various Leftist group talking points.

(1) That "pro-life to anti-abortion to pro-death" anti-logic is nauseating.

(2) Your elitist fawning over Obama's & Biden's schooling is laughable. If the info I've been able to gather is correct, Obama was a "C" student in high school, floundered through Occidental & Columbia, yet somehow landed right in the middle of Hahvahd Law. I wonder how much of that Magna Cum Laude resulted from soft "subjective" grading, a soft class set, politicking, or perhaps a schedule flush with tutors. I almost wonder if he was Laude at all.

SIDE NOTE: Al Gore bombed out of "Vandy" law, then "Vandy" divinity. John Kerry's "gentleman's C's" at Yale were lower than Bush's. I'll bet you've never heard THAT before (Kerry didn't release that info until after the 2004 election, & the media buried it). Ever wonder why Republicans are raked over the coals for this stuff, yet Democrats are handled with kid gloves? Bias anyone?

(3) Your slam regarding McCain's "schooling" is almost fair. However, you fail to mention the rigidity & the demands of Annapolis compared to ANY non-military school.

(4) How about comparing what they've done since college? Obama goes from social work, to stumping for Carol Moseley Braun (well-known for her gold-bricking, campaign finance shenanigans, & medicare theft--among other scandals), to hiding out in Academe, to a brief political career (1 term IL state Senate, lost House bid, still in his 1st Senate term). Refresh my memory: How many "present" votes has he cast? If you want McCain's record, look it up (HINT: Look somewhere besides the Democratic Underground or CNN).

Why would an A-number-1 Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law NOT practice law?

Why--upon further examination--does the cocktail napkin resume of the presidential candidate from one party look no better than the fortune cookie resume of the vice-presidential candidate of the other?

You do make one good point--& that is McCain would be one heck of a Democrat.

The difference between the two candidates as I see it is this: John McCain has lived long enough & has seen bloated social "engineering" fail so many times that he is at least beginning to learn that big government is not the answer; Obama hasn't even learned THAT yet.

You would go left of McCain based solely on one-sided propaganda? Republican MY EYE.

Sorry for the length, John. I thought it was warranted for this one.

RA Crouch, Michigan:

Terwiliger –

Terwiliger or Twinkie, however you say your name. You insinuated I was a liar. Your insinuation is as empty as the Republican rhetoric. This page on my web site indicates that I have been a good republican for a long time—these documents go back to Bush senior. http://www.explorationgeologists.com/Voting_Obama

You tried to justify McCain’s poor performance at the Naval academy by saying it was hard.

As a career soldier and veteran of four wars I see McCain’s judgment as shallow and limited. I also strongly question how a person could graduate in the bottom 10 of their Naval class could still be selected for flight school, a selection that is normally reserved for the academic best; less their daddy be an Admiral who can manipulate the system.

I believe that if you did NOT have the academic skill sets necessary to fly you are destined to be shot-down either killing you or making you a POW. Being a POW should not be a presidential attribute or a reason to live on the taxpayers’ back for a lifetime. I also believe that having one job (Senator) for 26 years does not equate to experience but rather stagnation.

McCain’s selection of Caribou Barbie as his running mate frightens me. There were many fantastic women he could have selected.


Call me "Terwiliger", call me "Twinkie", call me "Chump", call me "Ishmael"...makes no difference to me. I can make a point without resorting to name-calling.

I didn't insinuate that you are a liar. I questioned the veracity of your "Republican-ness".

"Empty rhetoric." Applies to Obama/Biden at least as much as it does to McCain/Palin. I can't think of a politcian that doesn't apply to.

I should have remembered that there are lots of folks who wear the "Republican" label these days--most of them are Neo-Con big-government-would-have-been-a-Democrat-30-years-ago Republicans...Rockefeller spend-&-spend Republicans. Remember the days when "Republican" was synonymous with "republican"? Jeffersonian? Real old-school Republicans would never have nominated McCain in the first place.

Mea Culpa.

In any event, I wasn't attempting to justify McCain's record. I was questioning Obama's record by the same standard, & it doesn't hold up any better.

There is absolutely nothing to show that Obama is an improvement over McCain. How does a long-time slacker even get into Harvard law--much less ace it--& why would a Harvard law ace teach instead of practice?

"Obama taught." Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. There's no danger of your plane being shot down if it never leaves the hangar.

The Democrat Party platform is twice as long as it was 4 years ago. It's 94 pages of garbage, and you should read some of the smellier garbage buried in it.

Turn your critical eye towards Obama with the same vigor that you have glared at McCain. Their records aside, they both stink & McCain is a Leftist Republican; however, Obama is WAY left of McCain.

How can a Republican be in favor of the Left -most candidate?

BTW...I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. There's barely a dime's worth of difference between them, & they're both too far left for me.


As I said before, I support the Terwilley-man! "Yaaa What He Said!"

Not to repeat but I think I will bloviate too!

Hey Crotch--If you can't see that B.O.'s crap is the same old "Great Society Stuff" that LBJ re-drummed up from the 1920s-30s progressive socialists, than you may be a deranged Republican but you're certainly not a conservative and that's certainly not change!

RA Crouch, Michigan:

Terwiliger – You have obviously agreed with me. Because McCain served in the military I expect a higher standard from him and he has not demonstrated that higher standard. As only democrats are running for office I am supporting the best democrat ticket running. I would rather be voting Republican.

Brokeback Mountain Cowboy – Crotch?!, that’s cute. I haven’t been called crotch since 10th grade—but I am what I eat, dick. I am a fiscal conservative, not a social conservative; and you should study grammar; grammar is part of the English language.


If Sarah Palin is a "Caribou Barbie", that should make Joe Biden (or Obama for that matter) a "Bedsy Wetsy"--Biden is accurate right down to the hair plugs.


Thank you for your support, & a hearty YWHS!!! back at you. You made a beeline to the point--& with authority. I envy your brevity.


I generally agree regarding McCain, but I DO NOT agree regarding Obama. Simply put, I don't see how anyone can be impressed with Obama.

"I'm fiscally conservative, not socially conservative" has been the mantra of all but hard-line socialist Democrats since Jimmy Carter packed his bags. I have numerous friends who spout that mantra ad nauseum; they call themselves "Republican", yet they have some twisted rationale for always voting straight Democrat.

How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg? Four: Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.

I think I may understand where your animosity for McCain comes from. You're obviously proud of your military service. BY THE WAY: THANK YOU. I expect that you saw yourself as a good soldier that a lot of REMFs considered to be "just a grunt"--& I also expect that you saw a lot of incompetent boobs who were promoted past you because of their "connections". To you, McCain is representative of every last one of them, & Obama represents "the every-man". Am I right?

Grammar? YGTBKM. Typos & slip-ups are incredibly easy to make on blogs. I've made more goofs than I can count--&--as an example--you should check the paragraph where you referred to me as "Twinkie": (1) long dashes should separate "or Twinkie" from the rest of the sentence; (2) the first period should be a colon; (3) "Republican" used in that context should have a capital "R", & (4) while George H. W. is "the senior" to George W., he is not "George Senior").

If any of this comes off as having an air of animosity, I sincerely apologize. I much enjoy a good-spirited disagreement.

I've had more than my fair say on this thread, so I defer to [the rest of] you.



Terwiliger - YWHS back!

Had another load ready to go about angry men, grammar while blogging, and pigs learning to walk on two legs, but enough is enough. Let's close this string.

Bye REX.

Kyoko Kaname:

John, you're awesome.

But tell me, would you like to have some seasoning for the hat you need to eat? ^_^

Tom Wms:

All right children. I want all of you to go to your rooms and don't come out until you can play nice!

This has been fun. Way to go, John.


Still skeptical. Maybe not as put-off as when I first heard the news.


"Bedsy Wetsy"



Maybe it's kind of late for me to weigh in, BUT...

I've been reading back through this, and a number of things about "Rex" bother me.

You're giving Sarah Palin grief for her personal decision to keep a child with Down's Syndrome? Just who are you to decide who should and shouldn't live? I guess you support Obama's POST PARTUM abortion position. Maybe I should make it clear for you and say that Obama is on the record in support of "aborting" a newborn baby. Kill 'em all...right "soldier?"

Didn't Palin actually initiate the investigation into alleged improprieties regarding that "divorce" situation? Yeah, that situation really smacks of impropriety. NOT.

There IS a border between Alaska & Russia, genius. It isn't a land border, but there is indeed a border. At the closest point there are only three miles between Alaska and Russia (two islands in the Bering Strait). Despite "global climate change", during the winter freeze it is possible to walk from one island to the other across the ice.

Amend "pro-life" to "pro-innocent-life" and your death penalty/abortion problem is fixed. Wipe out rape, not babies.

I followed that link to your "web page." I don't think I've seen many people that eager to advertise their idiocy and their lousy attitude (outside of politics).

Politicians send out those PR handouts like crazy.

Oh...I have an autographed picture of Edgar Winter. Does that make me a cross-eyed albino?

Terwiliger called the IDEA of gushing all over Obama's (and Biden's) education elistist. That means "arrogant." He DID NOT call YOU elite. There's a BIG difference.

Degrees, blah. When your ideas are solid there's no need to blow about your credentials, you elitist (that means "arrogant person").

What tops it all off is your potty mouth and your personal attacks (Cowboy, you should have known better as well).

YWHS to just about everybody BUT Rex.


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