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Haiku What?


Deep in a hollow

The gastromonic wonders

Of opposum abide.

* * *

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One's soup strainer
Helps to decant
The hair of the dog.


That's 'posum to you! und if it tweren't on ur road tooo long a while, tis really good! A big'un il feed all the little Suggs childen.


North Pole off-season
Stew meat is hard to come by
Hermie anyone?

Cream of wheat bowl flies
Finally I have caught it!
Haunt me no longer.

I used to be afraid to go outside beacuse of that damn commercial.

That Greek guy So Crates

drunk some hemlock tea, Dear Wife.

Might do YOU some good!

"Hare in yur soup!", Boy?!

Shucks, this soup is possum, The

Other Yellow Meat.


Peel one off the road
Tastes like chicken waffles...mmmmm
Possum's good eatin'


There is a new book
Possum Soup for (the) Redneck Soul
That can't be Kosher


There's this guy who says
You might be a redneck if
You can spell o'possum


That's with a silent "O" : )

Tom Wms.:

"Hey waiter! There's a fly in my soup!"


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