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Now you know...


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"I can't believe I'm getting paid to sit here like this, is this a great country or what!"


You would say that otherwise how could you justify having so much fun and calling it work? Besides you showed us this actress friend of yours before apparently acting (or is that her “Oh, John, please don't show me that thing again” pose?). You take her picture - you Photoshop a frame arond it - you insert some text. Where's the uneasy part? Sounds like you are trying to scare off the dilettanti. I got Serif DrawPlus X2 up and running so you better watch out. You’re only a couple of clicks away from ruinous competition. Now if only I had something to draw.... oh, is that the hard part!? ROFL


I KNOW I've seen this one. She's a student...somewhere.


Let's call it "recycling". I may have stepped into a puddle of accidental irony here.

My emphasis was on THE MESSAGE, not the TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW....sheeesh.


OH! I get now:

ART ... IS ... TRY...

That's really neat. So cool. Wait a minute..., maybe it's ...

ARTIST ...(c)RY....

That's cool too. You're a genius so you need to be patient with us hopelessly untalented.

And, I hope you have a sense of humor, 'cause I'm trying to be funny, so do a cartoon and label it
It ain't as easy as it sounds.

sheesh is right. Keep up the great work and thanks for the fun.


I'm laughing on the inside.


Just because I've seen it before doesn't mean I don't like it.

Such a lovely fair-skinned maiden with soft flowing hair & pretty, delicate hands.

This is a welcome & refreshing change of scenery from the overdone plastic-looking "skankequin" look that is all the rage.

Some subjects should be visited more than once...All reruns should be so good.


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