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Uh, Buck, maybe you want to want to face the blade upward and stoke? Otherwise you may give Red State a new meaning.


I look forward to more tidbits of wisdom in the manly arts.


I look forward to more tidbits of wisdom in the manly arts.


Real men use REAL knives, not those pansy faux-macho "Official Navy Seals action diver knives with the saw blade on the back, a compass on the handle & this thing that tells time" from Cabela's.


Damn, Buck is so pumped full of testosterone now, even his mirror is scared of him. A mirror scared to reflect his chin and the missing ear he long ago cut off for the boy who rejected him as a wimp. A rejection which caused Buckminster to order the Charles Atlas strength training course for 98 pound weaklings and to eventually dabble with hormones. If that boy could only see him now!


I assume Buck doesn't go to Starbucks for his morning Jo.

I think he needs a to get a tatoo -- "Mom" would be cool--just a thought.


I got it.

Buck could be a PI that lives in Hawaii and who has been hired to watch security over an international playboy's vacation mansion and gets to drive his Ferrai.

Naaaa that's too far fetched!


Buck Manly is the Uber-Male.....Alpha AND Omega Dog.

Tattoos are not his style. He's strictly no-nonsense and thinks any guy who follows some sort of fashion trend is beneath contempt.


We're talking about "Mom" here! Perfect! It could be small! Like on an ankle???????????


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