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Indecision '08


These guys are racing to the center so fast I fully expect a head-on collision of such mythic proportions that you might see them share DNA.

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Ok, this post even drew me out of the lurking shadows. Not only does it sum up the entire Presidential race, but your comment on the post was spot-on funny. Not to mention accurate.

As always, John...Great job.


Wow, that sums it up about the best.

Once they collide and crash and burn, can we THEN have Giulliani?


Uh uhm...

I believe I told you so.

The Left has drooled over McCain for several election cycles (he may not have thrown his hat in the ring that many times, but he's been testing the waters for at least that long) at the prospect of his candidacy because it would signal a derelict Right.

A brief examination of McCain on record would show that [socially & fiscally] he's not far removed from FDR, what people thought (& think) of JFK, & as far as taxation goes, we could throw in Jimmy Carter, the Clintons, & 99% of both Dems & Neo-Cons.

Giuliani would not have been a significant improvement. We need somebody with an old "Old Right" mentality--but sadly, the bastardization of conservatism commenced with the advent of conservatism.

Jonathan Logon:


I hereby announce my candidacy for President of the US....

I am a middle class automotive technician/engineer who builds racing cars, writes satirical poetry (usually based on John's artwork), and can safely say I know how it feels to actually work my way through college.

I own several guns (ok, 3, but one is a 12G shotgun).

I have worked in law enforcement, and so know what the gutter of our society really does look like.

I don't have a "Tom Cruise" smile.

I do shave my head.

I don't have a tattoo. Yet.

I drive a 1992 Suburban with a 500hp 454 cu in engine. Yes, I built it myself. I also have an EJ 650 motorcycle (think: 1971 Triumph). I ride in the rain and don't worry about my beard getting wet.

I don't have a problem with using our military or middle-eastern-country-sized glass parking lots. You listening, Iran?

I have never worn makeup.

I don't really care what color you are, although I find that plaid is interesting.

I am of Scottish decent and have a Jewish wife who is an ordained Christian minister. No, really.

My wife rides a V45 Magna motorcycle. She doesn't wear makeup. She wears a mohawk. She also doesn't have a tattoo. Yet.

So. am I electable?


I hate that "electable" term that everybody likes to throw around.

It seems as though folks want to find an "electable" demographic archetype first, & intellect, qualifications, character, & principles are of secondary (or lesser) value.

Oh...JL...given that your declaration to run was peppered more with "what you have" & "what you are" rather than "what you think" & "what you will do"...I'd say "no." No offense.

Tom Wms.:

I have to disagree w/Terwiliger on this one. Based on the Based on the circus we have been watching, I'd say JL is probably well qualified, or, at least moderately qualified. Either way, he is most likely better qualified.

By the way, John, I love the poster. Can I have one for my yard? And while you're at, I'd like a couple of bumper stickers.


Qualified, yes. Electable, no.

Are you saying that because neither McCain nor Obama are qualified, that makes somebody else well qualified? One doesn't follow from the other.

However, that doesn't mean that your final point isn't right.

Tom Wms.:

Since when have qualifications and electability gone hand in hand? Even in racing, the best qualifier seldom wins the race.

It's all just a game and we are merely fans who have paid way too much for our tickets.


Yes, Posters and Bumper Stickers would be great! How 'bout it John?..I'd buy a few.

How 'bout Buck Manly for President....

He still needs a tattoo though! Mom on the ankle.

Jonathan "4 Prez" Logan:

I have been following presidential elections now for a couple of decades and have never heard a candidate actually say he was going to do anything outside of "looking into" the problem, with the possible exception of raising/lowering taxes. Even then, most of these wannabes, once asked, have either lost their memory of these events or deny/reverse their positions like clockwork.

So here's what I propose:

1. We explore what we are paying our elected officials and compare that to what they actually need. We then cut their pay accordingly. We then give the surplus to the janitorial staff. Bet they could use a corporate jet.

2. We would then explore how much money the government "gives" to the lobbist community. We then give the surplus to John Cox. I'm sure he could use a villa somewhere sunny...

3. A new military strategy: let the soldiers finish what they start.

4. Foreign policy: If you want our money/food/jobs then don't blow up our buildings. It makes us angry and you really wouldn't want to see us angry... Just ask Japan.

5. Make sure our judicial system understands that they do NOT write law. If they don't like that, they can come talk to the Prez. I will set them straight. With a 2x4.

6. Make sure our elected officials understand that they are NOT above the laws they write. If they have a problem with that, I will refer them to the nearest judge. With a 2x4.

7. Make sure that our elected officials understand that they represent the interests and needs of the PEOPLE who elected tham, not the other way around. This would begin with ME.

What would you want me to do as President?


WOW. I'd like to respond to a lot of this, but I'm not known for being brief.

(1) TOM

I an NOT a fan. Here's my suggestion for political contests: We build an arena, give each each opposing candidate a choice of gladiator armor & weaponry, & they fight to the death. We turn the lions loose on the winner.

(2) JL

You wanna be prez? Shrink the Federal Bureaucracy back within its Constitutional limits; where the military is involved, no more namby pamby police actions--defend us with extreme prejudice, get the job done, & get out (give somebody like Stormin' Norman control & get out of his way--no "shock & awe" or "pomp & circumstance" with no teeth, like it's been done under the last 2 "chiefs").

Finally, if any legislator, judge, or any other gubmint employee even thinks about violating a strict constructionist view of the Constitution, refer to point number (1).

Jonathan Logan:

Ok. What Terwiliger said.

A favorite author of mine once said, "Anybody capable of getting themselves elected President should under NO circumstances be allowed to do so."

I think there might be a kernal of truth here...


Ya, John "4Prez"...we're on the light side here. Listen to Terwi-man...and don't bloviate too much! Just have fun!



Douglas Adams! He should have included "Anybody who wants to be president."

AND...as far as "interest in politics" goes:

“If I seem to take part in politics, it is only because politics encircles us today like the coil of a snake from which one cannot get out, no matter how much one tries. I wish therefore to wrestle with the snake.” – Mahatma Gandhi

If that quote weren't so long, it would make one heck of a Quiptoon.

Tom Wms.:

Inject "citizens" (or even "concerned citizens") for "fans". Then think of "tickets" as "freedom, liberty, the privilege of living in this country, etc". Then, the price we have paid becomes relevant.

Jonathan Logan:

Maybe this is the problem! Our presidents (and hopefuls) have crossed over to the Dark Side! I should have realized!

And Terwiliger, Douglas Adams was one of the clearest thinkers I ever encountered... outside of Marvin the paranoid android...

And you are right. it would make one heckuva Quiptoon!


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