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The curse of the open mike.....GOTCHA Rev. Jackson.

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Yet another cruel hoax perpetrated by the...uh...to keep the...uh...never mind.

I guess it's a good thing that Jesse didn't call Barack "nappy-headed"...that would have been mean-spirited.

Does Jesse now have to shake himself down?


Jesse's got a new theme song, "Mac, the Knife".

Steve M:

Too funny! Love the combination of detail and sketchiness in this one.


Good to see some political satire from John again ;-)


Maybe we can get Al to shake down Jesse...or at least start a riot with his bullhorn..???


Hey guys. I hope you don't mind, but I have a few jokes about this one.


The following entries are parodies, & are intended to inform as well as crack you up.

If you detect a hint of racism, it's all in your head. There is only one race--the human race. Variances in pigment, height, eye shape & so forth are nothing compared to the minds & souls of each of us as individuals.



(1) Sorry, Jesse. Michelle beat you to it. ba-dump...CRASH

(2) Adolph failed at Auschwitz. Reverend Al failed at Freddie's Fashion Mart. Jesse hatches his sinister plan...Does he have the ultimate solution to wipe out the race he hates?

"Weh mus(uh) edvance(uh) duh nashun...nod(uh) buh encenuhrashun...bud(uh) buh(uh) richuel casdrashun."

TERMINATOR 4: Jesse Does Hymietown

"SCHLOMO!!! Dat ain't no freakin' moil!!!" ba-dump...CRASH

(3) Lastly...this reminds me of a scene from Roots...but Jesse isn't celebrating his "race" like Alex Haley did--he's tearing it down...or cutting it off, as the case may be.


Hey T.
Good jokes! I'm sick of everybody being insulted about everything said, done, and or posted. I'm sure I speak for a majority here...


In poor taste.

"This city deserves a better class of criminal, and I'M going to give it to them!"

-Jesse Jokeson.


Well...I guess COWBOY & ANON covered both ends of the spectrum. In defense against the "poor taste" assertion:

Read Michelle "LaVaughn Robinson" Obama's "victim class/deride whitey" thesis (Princeton, ca. 1985). Barack has too many close associations with militant-minded folk for that mindset to not be a big part of his paradigm. If it isn't & he refuses to disassociate himself from such people, admit it--he is...Man...I wanted to use a word from the "PW" phrase, but there's just no way that wouldn't be considered in poor taste as well. ( :

Al Sharpton led a race-motivated boycott of Jewish-owned Freddie's Fashion Mart in Harlem that resulted in 8 dead from arson.

Jesse Jackson actually called New York "Hymietown" (1984: furthermore, both he & Al have derided Jews on numerous occasions), yet anybody right of Arlen Specter is routinely (i.e., ad nauseum) called a Nazi. The knife should cut both ways. ( :

Given Jesse's record, the comparison to the circumcision scene in Roots is valid.

What do we do when the truth is in poor taste? ( ;


continuing from T's comments:

...thus my reference to Al's bullhorn mentioned earlier.

Tom Wms.:

Why anybody continues to pay attention or credence to Jesse Jackson is beyond my ability to comprehend.

He hs been a wart on society for many years. Very little of what he says has worth.

(One of these days, I am going to speak my mind.) I'll do that when I quit playing with it.


Jesse jaackson is relevant to American poltics to the extent he has sway with the OLD SCHOOL LEFT. He was suppose to be the bridge between race radicalism and Middle America. He still thinks it's the 60's and he won't acknowlege a new breed of Black Intellectualism. He still feeds on the politics of emotions.

Tom Wms.:

Good morning, John.

What I don't understand is why they (Old School Left) continue to embrace him. The bridges that last are built on substance, ie: a strong foundation. When you dig through the first layer of his foundation, you find that he is part of the continuing problem with race relations. Jesse Jackson is an activist only to the extent that his activism pads his personal goals and ego. Everytime he opens his mouth, he hurts the cause more than he helps it. If the press and the rest of the media would ignore him, he dry up and blow away. Gee, wouldn't that be nice?

PS: Have a great weekend!



Spend about 5 minutes surfing through The Democratic Underground...that alone should be enough to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy & rabid dogmatic devotion that many Democrats have to their kooky ideals (not I that I find the typical Republican to be that much brighter).

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill


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