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Book Cover Idea


This was a fun read. Espionage and such. I've had this idea of using my photos of reference material and an actual chess board I designed. A little Photoshop....TA DAAH!

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OK--I like it...with one exception.

The paintng is great, but I don't care for the "drop shadow" letters (I know...they were photoshopped). The text would look cool as all get out if it looked like it was spraypainted on like a gang tag.

Whudju tink, mang?


Not bad. Would definitely give it a grungy-street life vibe.

I was going for something more stylish, more sophisticated. Which is the overall style of the book.


I didn't think about that (while I've seen some incredibly stylized street art, a strict graffiti them wouldn't work).

I was thinking about a look as if the text was painted onto the marble... monochromatic...more stylized characters (maybe like runic symbols?) like one might see on an old mural.

But (as you know) it's fine as is.


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