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Book Cover Idea


This is another fantasy illustration of a book that rocked me. I read it for the first time when I was 24 years old and it changed my politics FOREVER.

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You know, I've always felt that the various Atlases on the covers have lacked something. Maybe virility, maybe passion. This one is right on. Ship it :-)

Hey Bart

I think I wanted to bring him down to Earth, which seems to make him more heroic, more understable.


Great work (as usual).

You're a better man than I for getting through that book.

The prose was so heavy...so Russian...to me it was the literary equivalent of those old heavy, pompous, plodding Russian marches.

I did scan it for it the capitalist excerpts, which I generally agree with...but I thought that she romanticized ontapanures (I learned that word in Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood) a bit too much. They're to thank for our material comforts, but in my experience, more often than not they sacrifice morally right for legally allowable in order to exploit advantage.

The Chad:

I like that, unlike the other Atlases, he is in mid-shrug, so to speak. That is, he does not have the world on his shoulders.
As a budding young entrepreneur, capitalist, and businessman, this book is it. The book that changed my life as well. I was it at 15, after reading fountainhead and anthem previously.


I used your illustration in my annual blog report VI.

All the Best,



Coming from an accomplished fellow artist, "WOW" definitely works for me.

Appreciate that, it really is a Strong piece of work, very unique.

Garrett Valdez:

This is an absolutely phenomenal interpretation of the book's cover. I love it.


I feel exactly the same way. Mind blowing, huh? I love the cover...


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