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Say What?


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Oh, geez, you got another old one. He's gonna be all tough and full of gristle.


Forget it. You should have gone when you had the chance.

"Sorry...."Having you over for dinner" was literal."


Damn it Booga! I told you to clean it before putting it in the pot. At least scrape the hair off.
That head'll shrink up to noth'n


Emil will be your server today, and I mean that literally.


Not to complain Baruma, but you're not helping my cholesterol count with these fatty main courses.


That end's done, time to flip him and put him back in at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

You can't boil him!

He's a Fryer!!!


Is the hat a garnish?


Curse that writer's strike! This movie is gonna be TERRIBLE!


"You thcared me when you thaid we were having Pith Thoup for thupper."

"Help me our here.....BWANA goes with a light chardonnay or a robust chianti?"

"Sheeesh.....free-range Dutch explorer AGAIN?


"Chief not like you say 'NASCAR face.' Chief say you now in last place."


"You TOCK say Mungo Park, I CLICKTOCK say mofongo TICK..."


"That's the third fondue you've ruined this month."


That's a "Water Music" reference!!!!! My favorite T.C. Boyle book.

Eat you? Good god, no! You just need a bath really bad.


Tongofu, you forgot the Basil, didn't you?


Oh great!...I think he just made pee soup.


"Tonight's secret ingredient--EXPLORER!"

Attila should be here any minute now.



Maybe I shouldn't admit this...but I've never read Water Music. I don't read much fiction in the first place, & when I do, I usually steer clear of more recent stuff. IMHO, there are too many good classics to wade through the reams of pop pap that publishers churn out (what I like to call "Highlights for the chronologically advanced") to find the nearly nonexistent gem.

The word "mofongo" popped in my head, & I remembered Mungo Park (the Scottish explorer) from reading encyclopedias when I was a kid. I think it's interesting when writers work fact in with their fiction [& do it well].

However, from looking at reviews of the book (& the added benefit of a referral from yours truly), I'm putting Water Music at the top of my fiction "to read" list--just as soon as I finish another pass through the Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged is the only way to go).


From the show that every foodie wannabe is talking about...

"You really dropped the ball in preparation, your dish is undercooked, & I can't imagine that anything could look less appetizing. Mwongozo, please pack your machete & go."

Tom Wms.:

1) Make mine medium rare.

2) Just my luck. Me work hard all day on the veldt, stepping in who knows what; and when me get home, its butt roast again.

3) I'm sorry sir, but this IS the best seat in the house!

4) Stick a spear in him, he's done!


You British are so bashful when bathing.

Tom Wms.:

For crying out loud, Ralph. Don't you have any class? Put a shirt on.


“We used to interrogate foreign interlopers by stripping them naked & putting loincloths on their heads. We gave that up for REAL torture.”


No, Bwana..."Things" go better with Coke.

"It's a hot bath, Bwana... just as you requested."


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