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Some days I got nuthin'. It's like trying to squeeze out a watermelon through a nostril.

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So this is where Ralph Steadman gets his anger then? His stuff looks like that cause he's blocked?

: > )

Hey Ferry360

When I get stuck, I like to do my take on Steadman. Using all those splashes and heavy brush stroke gets the juices flowin'.


Interesting. Judging by the previous post (Sketch Book), I was under the impression the ideas were just screaming to get out. Ever use music to coaks to the Muse out?


"coax"?.....Music? Not nearly as much as sloe berries and hops. And malt and potatoes and grapes and the vile weed....


When you are stuck, paint nudes! If nothing else the research alone is worth the trouble.

Tom Wms.:

Having fallen asleep while writing his latest threats to the infidels, Osama suddenly awakens with the realization that he is a wanted man.

Spaniard Peter:

When I get stuck and I don't know what to write I just go to my other "repetitive" job, get bored and ideas come to my mind by thousands.
Nothing like a boring job to make you scape from reality.

Jonathan Logon:

blah-blah blah-blblblah.
blah bl-blaaaahhh
blah-blah blah-blah.

(poet who's blocked)


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