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Palace Painter, Upland Forge


Grand Vizeer Grimash XXI (U. Forge, StarDate 3371)
wax on silk

Not much is known about artist Upland Forge. Known for his demented forays into color theory and inventing the color "Bleen", this painting of his father-in-law was his last masterwork before vanishing into the Omega Barrier with nothing but a desk lamp and a tub of margarine.

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Well, if you call stepping in digested radiogenic blellow "inventing" then yeah, I guess he invented Bleen. The way I heard it, his pet bloonton ate a schtitock of blellow and made a mess in Forge's shoe. Forge stepped in it the next morning. Later, while wearing his interdimensional spectral goggles at work, he noticed the glow and the rest is history.

I never quite bought the story about him vanishing. I mean, who takes a desk lamp into the Omega Barrier? That's just silly.


Well, he did take a tub of margarine as well. In a pinch it would function as a fuel. Those blycor desk lamps can be powered by just about anything. Rumor has it those lamp rays could work as a thruster once inside the barrier envelope. Just wondering, once he passed thru, did he mis-calculate how much he would need to get back? Word is that his influence in the palace was waining and no one was holding their breath awaiting his return. As for bleen, yeah it is highly overrated, especially as a primary color.


Papal garb with what appears to be a tribal tattoo inspired motif...brilliant commentary on molti levels.


Nice details. That's what that post is about...what is the REST of the story.


I've always had a problem with organized religion. Any time you see my work with a pretentious over-lord type....that's just my psychosis.


Oddly enough, an ship came out of the Barrier about a hundred years later, bearing explorers from a previously unknown civilization. Their emblem looked suspiciously like a lamp.


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