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Say What?


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Jonathan Hohensee:

Carry along, we are just taking care of few rabble rousers who did not meet up to EPA standards.


"Your laser vision will come in handy for your security detail at this year's DNC, Captain Frenetic...All we ask is that you keep your eyes directed this way, as our think tank's meth lab is directly behind me."


"Sure that's my nuclear reactor...but I planted that dandelion over there to offset any adverse environmental eff......uh oooooh."


I don't care whose hero you are! You created this mess, so grab some gear from over there and start cleaning it up!

I said: put the U-235 here and the U-236 there. Is it so challenging,to act responsible with those materials?


Trust me, Mr. Super-hero, I many only be a smelly enviro-whacko, but if I survive the fallout the mutations will make my winky this big and then we'll see who gets the chicks!


Sorry. Us politicians probably shouldn't do the "Pull My Finger" gag.


It's to combat the 'Gore Effect'. Everywhere I go, I've been freezing my ass off.

red collar:

"Tell Mr.Gore that we've had it up to here
with his disregard of environmental issues
on his property.

This is another last warning."


"No, I didn't see any terrorists. All I saw were peace-loving insurgents."

Mike H.:

I told you that I wanted the heat over there!


"Howdy Captain Principle--and welcome tuh Electerable Moderateland. Idearlist Conservativeland is anuthuh two, three hunerd miles to th' raght. Feel free to drop in on yer way back...if we's still hyuh, that is."

Can I assume you purchased carbon credits before nuking that terrorist camp?


"I determine my political views like all the rest of the dumb masses--by holding a wet finger in the wind...but what does it mean when your finger's as hot as m----r f----r?"

Why are you so worried about Iran? We've got global warming to attend to!


"You're not going anywhere until you pick up that can."

Jonathan Hohensee:

"Sorry about that. Grandma tried to use the VCR again."


That should have been, "...as hot as a..."



ZELLMAD had a good idea...what about this:

"Well...if you spin it right, you've gotta admit...that IS global warming."


"If a crazy little Iranian gets his hands on yellow cake, enriches it, makes warheads out of it, puts them in suitcases, smuggles them into America across the Mexican border, & somehow convinces a bunch of troubled, misdirected loners to carry them in to densely populated major metropolitan areas & detonate them...and we've got our heads buried in the sand...is he really a terrorist?"


"Howdy...My name's Colonel Kudzu, & I'd like to welcome you to our new radical-environmentalist theme restaurant. All we serve are natural laxatives, but in 15 minutes or less you can be eating your own piping-hot crap. That? That was Rosie O'Donnell...she had Mexican food for lunch, & believe it or not, it gets you even worse the second time around."

Tom Wms.:

My name's Al Gore, and I approve this message.

Tom Wms.:

My name's Al Gore, and I approve this message.

(Did I post this twice?)




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