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Haiku What?

"Just leap off the edge
And flap your wings really hard!"

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dreams of flight abound
execution follows plan
soaring to the ground

Change of pace from norm...
Illustration really good
Just what site is for.



Good one


Superb...as usual


I have two...but they're not as good...


there's a lesson here
sometimes when you don't succeed
might not be your thing


before you begin
some grandiose endeavor
think about the end


One more...

Hi...I'm from OSHA...
We're declaring gravity
an unsafe substance.


Another one came to me as I was about to log off...

Let me introduce
Orville Wright and Wilbur Wrong
Guess which one is which


Da Vinci the dreamer
His assistant recuperaters

Hey Terwiliger

Nice. I thought the "unsafe substance" was hilarious.

Tom Wms.:

That's gonna leave a mark.



Thanks...BUT...it's somebody else's joke.

It's from a political cartoon about Bob Dole. Remember the 1996 campaign when he leaned on a flimsy railing as he left a platform--the railing gave way--& he fell through it?

I don't remember who the cartoonist was, but he did a piece titled something like "If that had been Bill Clinton who fell"--& he went on to illustrate 5 or 6 goofball Left-wing kneejerk overreactions. (I know...repetitively redundant.) (:

That one in particular stuck in my mind (he used the word "hazardous" instead of "unsafe", but that didn't fit the haiku), & I still chuckle at it from time to time (another one was, of course, an obligatory blaming of "The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy").

I have a memory like a steel trap. A rusty old steel trap that's been hanging on an abandoned cabin wall for ages, but a steel trap nonetheless.


I just wanted to add...

Credit where it's due.


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