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Book Cover Idea


I thought it would be fun to illustrate a King cover. This story would be about a mute Holiday Inn housekeeper whose psychic abilities help the local police track down a demon-possessed '78 AMC Pacer.

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A 78 Pacer? How diabolical!


Makes me think of "Silence of the Lambs" again (like the entymologist cover a while back).

Would have been a good title/theme/hook for a sequel. The title alone is better than the sum of the sequels they did.

Dan Patterson:

I was with you right up to the Pacer.

Too scary.

Interesting... but why are the police tracking the demon-possessed Pacer? Did it park itself in front of a Ferrari dealership? Or... OMG... it ran over Herbie the Love Bug! :)


Any AMC Pacer that is still running would have to demon-possessed.

Tom Wms.:

The problem with the AMC Pacer is that it had a little Gremlin in it.

Tom Wms.:

Addendum to my first:'

Maybe is wasn't a Gremllin, but a Hornet.


The truly scary thing about this story is that since the Pacer 97.3% glass, the demon could see you coming from any angle! It could also start fires at will with its leaky fuel pump.


I would think that a still-running Pacer would be a miracle of God, not a demon possession--I'd be looking underneath for an oil stain on the driveway that looked like the Virgin Mary--AND--How's the devil gonna trick anybody out of their soul with a Pacer?


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