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Say What?


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"How would you like to be Mrs. Seventeen?"


Whatta ya mean, yer pregnant?

:o) yous guys.

"Bellhop 17 at your service. May I help you with your bags?"

"Why do you keep asking me that?"


John - I didn't know you were using Minka as a model... Uncanny resemblance!


"Oooh, are those the new Mark IV airbags? Im getting those installed next week"


"You say SILI-cone, I say SILLY-cone."


In the not-so-distant future, megalomedia conglomerates--in a last-ditch effort to salvage TV news--dispense with anchor persons & 'journalists' in favor of automatons to minimize costs & remain profitable...

These devices unceasingly troll for news "stories" to appeal to the dumb masses, & they remotely develop, capture, & simultaneously broadcast their "news" in real time...

An unintended consequence is that these automatons, programmed with an 'artificial intelligence' algorithm, begin to think for themselves...

Being completely rational 'beings', one of these bots makes an incontrovertible observation...

"This is newsbot Phrygnyx of Channel 17 News reporting on the crisis that is at the head of all crises, GLOBAL DUMBENING."

Hopefully this will be the end of TV "news"...


I know her proportions are ridiculous, but she was fun draw.

I'm aware of this Minka of which you speak. Mountainous, indeed.


I know her proportions are ridiculous, but she was fun draw.

I'm aware of this Minka of which you speak. Mountainous, indeed.


You know, I can take you to my planet and we can remove those.

"How much for the floatation devices??"


"Border-SecurBot Seventeen, please respond. We are unable to understand your last transmission. Did you say that the suspect is smuggling Mexicans in her shirt? Over."


Hehe... I like the way her face looks completely miserable.

Sorry to bother you. OnStar teleported me here when your airbags deployed.


Do they all have to be boob jokes? Maybe she's an MIT grad. I'm just sayin'.....



You didn't draw a brain or a diploma--& the bubble isn't over her head. The part of caricature that people tend to focus on is that which is comically exaggerated.

Shift the 'bot up a little & raise the bottom line of the frame, & they wouldn't even be an issue.

To paraphrase Dave Chappelle...maybe she is something entirely different from what she appears to be, but you have to admit that she is wearing the uniform...

I racked my brain trying to come up with alien or robot jokes, but they didn't develop & I didn't think they were all that funny. But since you asked...


"Rover 17 to mission control...located what appears to be a new life-form...species identification algorithm crashed...it appears to be BOTH carbon based & silicon based."


"Well...I am attracted to you...but it's only gravity."


They were so bad, I can't even remember them.


For John...

"You look like a smart chick, & I'm stuck on this problem...There is a town. The town has only one barber. In this town, all of the men are clean-shaven. The men who don't shave themselves are shaved by the barber. Who shaves the barber?"



...some of the men shave themselves, & those who don't shave themselves are shaved by the barber. Who shaves the barber?

'I've got the cookies.'


'Your friends are quiet.'

John McVey:

Dual fuel, that's handy!


That reminds me, I need more lubricant.


Ah-HA! Replaceable parts! And they say there's no intelligent life on this planet.


To hell with your leader, take me to your surgeon!


Directly or indirectly, they're still all "boob" jokes...mine included.


OK...Here's a couple "boob-free" jokes...

"I understand that you're materialistic & that you wanted to get your daughter a personalized ASIMO for Christmas...but Pimp My Ride is so terribly undignified...I would much rather have been Foosed."

"Pahdon me, madam...but do you nawt thaenk thaet Giowge Lewcus hahs gawn beyawnd gauche in th' demowgrahfic he's puhsewing faw thies episewd of Stah Waws?"

John A Cox:

Hey, John, did you hear we are running for president? www.cox2008.com
As for your robot caption: "Why do you have handles on your head, and tell me again how you got your knees up in your shirt?


I know there's a bunch of us out there. Neurosurgeons, plumbers, artists and even presidential candidates.

It's funny, but I didn't meet one kid growing up (and through my teens) with the last name Cox, much less a John Cox.


You're right....anything but an anatomy joke is pointless. I set it up without much contextural leeway.


"Now that my growth ray works on specific body parts, I should be able to market it to men and women."


"My wife's gonna incinerate me when she finds out where our egg sacs landed!"


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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