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Say What?


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Tom Wms.:

Hey, Doc. Is our cartoonist too damned cheap to use color?

Tom Wms.:

Doc, does my hat look like a building in Nashville?

todd a:

Doc, I have these troubling dreams that I want to kill my father and sleep with my boy wonder...

Paul G:

"Well doc, after dinner the other night, I finally told my whole family about me and Robin. I was really anticipating this big collective gasp, you know? Almost wishing for it, you know? But instead, everyone just shrugged and acted like it was old news... God, I hate them."

"...and it was at that moment I thought, 'F*ck Gotham and its weather! I want to save South Beach!'"


...and I really hate the guano. It sticks to the Batmobile, my shoes, the rug...


...and I really hate the guano. It sticks to the Batmobile, my shoes, the rug...


...and the guano...it sticks to eveything--the Bat-Mobile, my boots, the rug....

Doc. Bad day. The Joker sprayed me and Robin with something that made me stink, Robin thought he was laying an egg, and on top of it all the batmobile broke it's wheel and the Joker got away.


Sorry for the repeats above...didn't quite realize that would happen.

Mr. Michael:

Do I feel a need to protect the innocent? *sigh* You know what, Doc? It comes down to this: I like kicking ass. Sure it's convenient to kick ass on some bad villain, but mostly I let 'em go so that I can catch 'em later again. I don't do it on purpose, but ...it's like I'm just playin' with 'em, ya know? I guess... I guess there is more 'Catwoman' in me than I thought. Hmmmmph. Breakthrough, huh Doc?


Wearing the outfit in bed on our honeymoon led to some great sex. Now, just with pajamas on...nothin'.

"I was passed over for 'Dancing With the Stars.'"


"And then I dream about driving about in this cool black car with jets and little wings and things. I call it my Batmobile."


In retrospect...I wasn't avenging the death of my parents, I was avenging the death of my childhood.

"I don't know, shrink. Somehow your thoughts about my childhood seem a bit sketchy."


"So Doc, do I really have bats in my belfry?"


...Come to think of it...there *was* this guy in high school that picked on me all the time, called me stupid, blah, blah, blah...he wore these square lens glasses and had this crazy frizzy hair...MAN...if I ever find THAT guy...HE's the one I want to take all my frustration out on.


"Water boarding is fine most of time but sometimes you just have to go 'Deliverance' on them., but then I start to wonder if I am still normal"


The absolute worst thing - changing the stinking newspaper in Robin's cage!!!


... and Alfred insists on reading me books at bedtime. But I kinda like it.

"John Cox won't draw a caricature of me."


Dunno Doc, some evenings it just doesn't seem worth it to get up and go out.


I'd like to be thought of as a modern day Diogenes...only with fur and wings.


I'm sick of Robin calling me "Gimp".


Looks like most of you are thinking along the lines that I'm thinking. Let's see if I can put one together from what's already here...

"I had everyone convinced that I had it all together, Doc...but then Robin found the 116 jars of my own guano I was hiding in the trunk of the Batmobile & the whole charade came tumbling down..."


"SUPER EGO this! SUPER EGO that! Why can't it be a BAT EGO?!!!"

Ya know, Doc, sometimes I just wanna dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.


One more...

This one is ridiculous, silly, & stupid...but I laughed out loud when I thought of it...

A tribute to an anonymous comedian--who shall remain nameless--and who has probably used up his best material...

"I went over to that t'ere Supervillains' Jamboree with that little feller that runs around in the strawberry eatin' britches an' the 'nanner fruit roll-up cape an' ever'body there disappeared faster'n th' set o' rims on the Batmobile at a Puff Daddy concert...Now that's funny right t'ere, I don't care who yuh are."

"So I'm making my escape, right? I throw down smoke balls and my bat-rope lifts me about 10 feet when its engine stalls 'cause it can't lift more than 230 pounds. So these jokers start swiping at me like I'm a frickin' piƱata. Now, they're beating the crap out of me, right? And what's worse, all my Halloween candy goes flying out of my pockets! Then my bat-rope's genius engine kicks in and launches me into the side of the frickin' building! I swear doc, Halloween will be the death of me."


"No Doc, I'm not talking about a Nun fetish...I'm talking about a real ever loving PENGUIN!!!"


"I'm tellin' ya Doc...he's my NEMESIS; He ain't no cowboy, & he ain't no pompatus of love..."


Sorry for the "flood", guys...they just keep coming to me...this is the LAST one from me...

"I DON'T have a problem, Doc...I'm here because some d***ed cat burglar got herself an ACLU lawyer & sued me for harassment...The judge gave me a choice between jail time or counseling, so here I am..."undocumented feline inhabitant & possessor" my BAT a**."



"I'm tellin' ya Doc...He's my NEMESIS...He ain't no space cowboy, and he doesn't speak of any pompatus of love..."


"...I mean, I like Robin and everything.............but not THAT way."


...And the worst part of it is when they think I'm a fruit bat and start throwing bananas at me...

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