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Haiku What?

With writers on strike,
Studio audiences
Make do with improv.

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Jonathan Hohensee:

Considering that where I am writting this is a semi-annomoynus, I feel free to write what I'm kind of embarrased to admit in public;
this TV writer's strike pisses me off alot; right now TV is going through a renaissance, with network after network pushing out quality shows at unheard of numbers, and I think that internet distrubution (and promotion) is one of the reasons for it. I think this strike could set back TV back a number of years, bringing it back to the days when great shows would be canned within a couple of episodes. Lord knows The Office wouldn't of made it past season one without the help of iTunes.

And, most importantly, it could be weeks before we find out which new doctors is House going to fire!

Never tell the wife
That you won't wash the dishes
You'll get dish-pan head

Writers strike, you say?
Hard to tell the difference
hello internet.


copper top or brass
it’s the new dichotomy
should we laugh or cry


Rats! Joan beat me to it!

Old plots
New names
Same dialogue
Extol perversity

Picket lines honored-
History Channel reduced
to "Revere Ware" pots.

"Copper Top Comic!!!"
- a poor counter-measure to
drumming bunny ads.


An attempt at an epic haiku...

STRIKE! You're Out

"TV renaissance?"
It's really mindless garbage
Oh--surely you jest

Why waste so much time
On things that have no meaning
or affect your life

When the end has come
Will you have lived much of life
as a spectator?

Turn off the TV
It's chewing gum for the brain
Try reading a book

Even better yet
Do something that's productive
You might change the world

Oh, for a hammer
I'd hammer televisions
All over this land

I'd hammer TVs
For my brother and sister
All over this land

Let the writers strike
Maybe in all that spare time
They'll see what matters

Perhaps some will learn
To apply their their craftiness
To things enduring

I'd be glad to see
An end to television
Oh, the time we waste

Talking head was right
A museum of decay
It's a vast wasteland

Groucho was right too
TV can make you smarter
Leave the room and read

As for me and mine
We'll strive to curb distractions
Let us LIVE our lives

Some will chastise me
Too much time posting..They're RIGHT
I will log off NOW


As John illustrates...
Those writers are pot-heads...on
more than one level.


Wow! Who knew such a silly drawing would inspire such a gargantuan creative effort? Loved the theme and how you were able to bring a restrictive art form into play.

Thanks for your wealth of energy. I'll see if I can keep coming up with visuals that are worth participatiion.



Thanks...Now--I don't intend for this to sound like mock humility...but the poem really didn't take that much effort. I'd only "studied" haiku for one day in World Lit class (many moons ago). I just stumbled onto the "Haiku What?" boards a couple weeks ago--it seems like pretty easy stuff to write--all that's needed is a good vocabulary, a decent sense of rhythm, & some imagination.

I do wish I could edit it--I'd add a question mark to the end of the second stanza(?) & delete the last one...but c'est la vie (I also thought I had accidentally repeated a word in one of the stanzas, but I don't see it now).

As for the theme...you supplied it. All I needed was an idea, & I ran with it (your haiku is what got me started, Joan's sharpness revved me up, & Jonathan's observation kicked me into overdrive).

As for "visuals worthy of participation"...I don't think you have to worry about that. I was (& am) a big Cox & Forkum fan, & I really like your serious stuff. I rarely see any point in commenting on those--I think that words often get in the way of serious art/craft.

Just keep doing what you do (like you need me to tell you that).



Roger that.

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