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Uh Oh.....


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Uh...I don't know. What did we do?


Is that the surveillance photo from the trial?

Det. Kurtz:

I am still on the trail, guys. I CAN SEE YOU...


Just kidding about the trial. But there was this incident a few years back.


Sucker punched, huh? Been there, got the t-shirt. I knew John enjoyed a 'colorful' night life!

Caught trying to nick a security camera, huh? I sympathize. Those Allen screws can be rough -- you've gotta buy special Allen wenches to unscrew them.

Thanks for pointing to that April incident, Allen. It explains a lot. Gotta keep an eye on those sneaky pacifists. Yous guys are lotsa fun. :)

So when is John getting out of jail this time?


Your guys are missing your cartooning aren't you?? aren't you??



Everything's cool. Trying to stay out of trouble. Now, I just fantasize about being a pencil-slinging outlaw....sigh.

Naaaaaaah.....okay, a little. But we must soldier on and keep inking.....

Somehow methinks that picture needs a different caption. "I can has cartooning gig", perhaps. Lolartists. Oh, yeah...


LOLartists? HAH!!!

Wherz mah rubylith?!?! (Sorry, dating myself there...)

Semper Fi,

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