Haiku What?

You just clear your throat
And think of vast wintry climes.
Wagner for dummies.

Comments (28)

The Opera ends.
Yankees are vacationing
to watch Sox and Rox.

Here now the lady
Who swallowed the fly,alas,
She could eat a horse.

Paul G:

he feels so pretty
when he dresses up but his
act is falsetto

Mr Michael:

She takes to the stage
We celebrate the end
As the song begins


tired little man
tongue working magic below
no rest 'til she sings

Over when she sings
Responsibility hers
The burden she bears


It ain't over
Until the Fat Lady


Opragoers cringe
At the piercing caterwauls
Earplugs are divine

Hai ku'd sing all day
in aria fifty-one
alien oprah

"Aria fifty-one"


Who calls this music?
A cognitive distortion
It can't end too soon


Such hideous sounds
Pain rips to the core of me
At least it's not rap


If there are awards
rubber chickens for Haiku
We should give Joan FIVE

Aria 51? Alien Oprah? Out there--in a GOOD way...FUNNY!

red collar:

Joan of Argghh! wrote:
Hai ku'd sing all day
in aria fifty-one
alien oprah

*bows low* Well done.

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