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Say What?


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"No Ma...I can't make it. We got this Thanksgiving thing with a bunch of tourists."


"Yes... I know... It's savage... Yes... YES! I KNOW! But I REALLY want added anchovies AND Gorgonzola!

1)Geez, c'mon, you guys gotta find my luggage...Now, look here, I'm on my fourth day in these clothes and my braves are starting to call me "Chief Skidmark"...

2)Sure, Sidney, that IS a great offer that is from Steinbrenner, but the kid just won't sign with anyone but Cleveland or Atlanta!

Richard Lyle Barlow:

Did you say to expect "Custer" or "custard?"

Richard Lyle Barlow:

Did you say to expect "Custer" or "custard?"

"Venison, dammit! Venison!"


"This is so embarrassing --uh, Hello, OnStar? I locked my keys in. Yes, again."

"Look, I'll ask, but you know Stands Strangely Erect.....he doesn't like big powwows on a weeknight.


Oh, and Running Doe can you get a friend to go with Moose Nose? He needs a date for the post-massacre dance.


Ok...now don't get upset, but I think I just sold all our land for some beads

Jonathan Logan:

"Hello... Geico Insurance? Yeah, I saw this billboard at the airport and had an idea..."

"Do you guys have any IDEA how hard it is to get inverse callilatrals to properly fill the fanortner rods? whithout them, the framastatic fluid gets everywhere..."

"No, I don't speak Klingon."

"You told me a thousand times ma, he IS a bad influence, but really, he's not a bad guy."

"Honey? I'm in the middle of a speech, can I get ahold of you in a few minutes?"

"Can you believe the guy doesn't even know WHAT an Iphone is?... I know, it's ridiculous!"


Don't let them come ashore, you know what happened the last time those white devil got here, it took us centuries to clear the infestation and the damage they caused


Don't let them come ashore! You know what kind of trouble those white devils caused last time they got here. It took us centuries to get rid of the infestation and repair all the damage they caused in the name of "Progress"

Joshua R. Godinez:

I told you not to call on Tall Trojan's phone. He's not happy and neither am I since he carries it somewhere un-hygenic.

1) "Yeah. My bow. I brought my quiver but I forgot my bow. Look behind the couch. No, the other couch. Yeah, that one. Not there? Check by the door. Or maybe the closet..."

2) "Can you hear me now?"

3) "Hi sweetie. Turns out my phone was in Proud Hawk's nose the whole time."


"43, I had a little hunting accident, can I come out of my undisclosed location yet?"


"If you endum' one more sentence with *at*, me scalpum' you."

"I think this loincloth makes me look fat."


"You may call this a triumph of technology, but we never had to worry about 'bars' when smoke signals were analog, kimosabe."


"A representative for the smoke signal union is here, & he does NOT look happy."

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