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Say What?


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1) "I'm Dennis Kucinich,and I approve of this message on Global Warming."

2) "Yeah, but I don't have to swim faster than that shark. I just have to swim faster than YOU!

"Body guard, shmody guard...you're KILLING my action."

"*sigh* She'd be looking at me if I/ could grow a beard... Or a chin... Or a chest... Or a,well, good thing the tide is in."

"Nice bandana, where'd you get... ew, not cool, dude. Step away and take your speedo off of your head."

"Don't be so self-conscious. They're not looking at your man boobs, they're looking at me."


"Dude, you totally just peed in the water."


"Someone better tell him to back off before I have to bust his grill!"


Is that an eel in your pocket?

Actually, he's the brains of the outfit. I'm just here because I have the credit card.


You're allowed to do that in a public swimming pool?


"Hi everyone, I'm Bill Gates and let me introduce our new HR Director, Randy "Macho Man" Savage.


Look, Brick. I can't always fight your battles for you. Now go over there and tell that little girl to give you back your turtle floatee.


"Both my heads are bigger then his."

Joshua R. Godinez:

Stop trying to steal my look.

Theo Metaxas:

"It snowing in Buenos Aries." "Damn."


The bottom of the pool *does not* smell like strawberries.


"Yo homey. It's bad enough dat heifa ganked my 'Bikini Inspector' t-shirt. Smushin' dis wunda bra on my noggin to give me de inside view is just wrong...Knowhuahmsayin?"

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