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Say What?


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Huh? No, it's just a...a toothpick. Yeah, that's it, a toothpick.


'scuse me, have you seen a dragon anywhere around her?

By royal decree number 472 in the 16th year of his Most Noble Majesty King Percival, all uncontrolled beasts being brought into the clearly marked village square must be on a leash.


"I wanted to be a painter... but Nooooooo. I had to listen to my step-mother and become a dragon orthodontist."

Jonathan Logan:

Bend over and kiss my what goodbye?


Ha! Mine antler is bigger than your's!


I say, sir Dragon. I've tried for ages to grow a beard and as you can see I've had no luck. Yet you, a dragon, have a fine goatee. How did you manage to grow it? What's your secret formula? I've been searching for it all of my 15 years of life!



"So... did the horse taste good?"


...and then she said "my, what a big lance you have" and the rest was history.

Jonothan Logan:

Wadda ya mean, "do not tempt the dragon, dear child, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup"?

"Good job. I'll haul his lance back to town, and see if I can't squire another meal for you next week."


No really! I'm just holding it until Lancelot gets back from the restroom!


What do you mean "bend over"?


You want me to put this where?! Mr. Dragon?


Pizza-on-a-Stick (tm) delivery


Good job, Kukn:

"So... did the horse taste good?"


Mine would be:
Listen, the press thinks you're taking steroids. But if you don't get tested, WE don't get tested.


And to cap it all, not only is there creeping doubt about me being a saint, the kids now take cheer you when we fight.

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