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Sunday Drive



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The silencer equipped, twin Raptor Mk IV hydrogen fueled engines allowed her to move thru the forest in excess of 120 mph. On-board forward-looking sensors took over control intermittently to steer Janice clear of obstacles. With the wind blowing in her hair, Janice was at one with nature, moving swiftly and silently just above the forest floor and fauna, breathing deeply of the rich and fragrent aromas.

Unfortunatley, a bull moose suddenly rose up in front of Janice....and she permanently became as one with the forest floor.

Yep. I've heard rumors of foul play since she's on parole for informing on her boss, Drek Misogeni, but there's actually a problem with some of the Lilliputian-designed XK3000 where the auto-evasion controller doesn't adequately take into account the huge heads of certain occupants.

So while the Galactor might narrowly fit through small spaces, say between a moose's legs, a fiery red head sticking out of the cockpit might not.

A lot of riders assume it's okay to be above the windshield since the Galactor is so small, but you'd think the enormously painful bug collisions into the face might be an indication that something is amiss. I've heard that flying over poop at superduper speeds can be fatal for just that reason. It's no joke.


Does Janice have a mustache? Or... what is that?

Lipstick. Crazy Aunt Janice.

Unbeknown to Janice, the Magical Lilliputin Ginger, It was Michael Vick's new Nike Shoe that she was wisking away in followed by Caligula, the champion K-9 from his backyard enterprise.


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