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Say What?


Meanwhile, Luigi's committee deposition kept getting weirder...

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"Is this thing on?"


"Uh, yeah, we wacked 'em. Youse know dat it ain't really a, uh, crime really. We's calls it, uh, ah.... 'retirement'. Yeah, dat's it, we retired 'em. Right in da head.

Aaaaay....Senator Kerry. Good ta see yas. Why de long face?"

"Dey wants to know if I can work Jimmy Hoffa in here somewheres, sez it's killin' two birds wid one stone. Lemme know if you gets any ideas."


"No, I will NOT sing Respect. Now, shaddup!"

*whispering* "Shut up, ya clowns. If I start laughing, you'se guys have blown it for me."


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