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Pencil Rough


This gives y'all an idea of how I get to a finished ink piece. Quite messy, isn't it? I usually don't make any final detail decisions until it's time to ink. There are many tiny nuances in a piece that really don't translate in pencil. I like to think of the pencil rough as a road map, and the final inking as the funky little side trips along the way.

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It never ceases to amaze me to see how people work. To see the finished product, it looks like you just pump them out like that.

I agree with Doug. I really enjoy seeing how you work. Seeing the gradual adjustments of proportions, alignment, etc. somehow make it more impressive to me.

The written "Scarf" is interesting. Was that for our benefit or yours? Its sideways slant also makes me wonder if you rotate the page while you work on it?

"Sure... but then I start making fun of democrats" ?? :)


That scarf note was random. It was probably lying a certain way when i scribbled the note.

I like to scribble in alternative punchlines just to see if there's any difference in impact. I tend to be rather non-commital with my writing. It's more about what the visual does for me.


John, can ya throw in a couple of flys around the kid's head?

Read a letter to the editor this morning from a 17 yr old. He just saw "Sicko" and is "...DEMANDING full and FREE medical coverage for every citizen."

Don't 'cha just love it when people demand something for FREE?

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