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24" X 24", oil on masonite board

I was shooting for a visual representation that captured the meaning and vitality of China's exotic ideography.

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Good job making the masonite look like stone. Masonite is a composite wood, right?

Is that a photo taped to the masonite, or is it entirely oil?


That's 100% oil paint. One of my favorite devices is making every day items look totally "real"-as if the painting surface itself is fooling the eye,

I've had show juries turn down my work because the tape, wall surface or whatever "trompe l'oeil" device I used went beyond the strict requirements for the show. The didn't want to believe it wasn't a multi-media piece.


Love it... what do the chinese characters say?


The top character and bottom character mean "martial" and " way",

Mike P.:

Are the dimensions really 24' x 24', or is that a typo? It seems like a lot of your other work is on the order of sketchbook size.


I get a real sence of tradition and antiquity
from this work John, masterfully rendered.




That's 24 INCHES by 24INCHES......oops


It's beautiful, REALLY, REALLY beautiful! Except for the fact that...from what I can see, the arrow is resting on the wrong side of the bow and, with a draw that long, he'd take of his ear as soon as he released!

Sorry! And if it's any consolation, I tick off my wife when we go to the movies as well!

That's awesome, John. Yeah, the translucent, pealing tape, the pealing photo and its fold lines are amazing. Just. Wow.

Ha! So realistic, they couldn't even believe it. That's gotta be annoying but strangely uplifting that you are out of their league.

Mike P., my guess is that it is inches, not feet.

Nice catch, Bill.

Hm. Does "you are out of their league" work okay as a compliment there? Should it be "they are out of your league"?

Whichever league, it's neat that your art is so much more realistic than the competition that they cannot even judge it by the same scale.

All their base are belong to you. :)


Google "Samiurai archery" and tell me what you see. You'll find my work is quite accurate.


I couldn't find anything on "Samiurai Archery" - but "Samuri Archery" had a lot of archers that looked quite similar to the one in your painting... hehe.

Here for example:

or Here:


Thanks for the props....wheeeeeee!

Strange. I posted a comment after John's 4:24pm post and it said, "Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner." I just tried reposting it now, but it was flagged again. Let's see if just my last paragraph gets past your filter...

The bow has a different design than I expected, given that the top and bottom are cut off in your picture. I should have known you'd gather actual evidence rather than just winging it.

Nice job.



Curious! Most curious! Apparently there's some difference between the modern and ancient art of archery.

Regardless, it's still beautiful and my apologies to the artist!.

Having seen some of your fine art pieces first-hand, I can attest to the fact that your trompe l'oeil work is unbelievably good. Great stuff, John.


Thanks. Seeing it "in the real" makes a big difference.


Out of interest - how long would painting something like that take?


I paint in many thin layers of washy oil paint. Drying time beteen layers usually takes a day or so. This piece took about seven painting sessions.

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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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