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This Is Not an Apple


Been reading up on Rene Magritte lately....

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"The Son Of Apple"?


As Magritte would explain..."it's not an apple, it's an image of an apple."

Nice transposition of "Son of Man". Matter of fact, I think your concept is better.

But what do I know about art, I collect Elvis pics on velvet. They're great under black light. :o)

Reminds me of the idea I had for a screenplay of "The Screwtape Letters." Wormwood would look exactly like one of Magritte's faceless, behatted gentlemen, only slightly frayed around the edges and a bit see-through.

Also, John Cleese would totally do the narration. He did the book-on-tape version in the 90s, and it's brilliant.

I love the way the guy's body comes out from the picture frame. It almost looks like he's not really part of the picture. This is your finest example of trompe l'oeil yet!


You forgot "Ce n'est pas une pomme" in script at the bottom.


Je ne comprend pas. Je voudrais un croissant.

What was that John? boku surrender wakaranai!

Mmmm . . . croissant


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