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Sketch Book


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Impressive, as always.

Is there a Bush-Chimp-Hitler pig joke somewhere in there? :)

Am I alone in feeling like that alien's eye is just about to slip over the edge and bounce off the soda can? The dark line under it makes it seem detached and ready to roll. I think the kid is testing this theory.


John, any linkage...what with doing these on one sheet of paper. Is it done all at one time, or something you come back to and just add onto?

Thought process? Something just pops into your mind or is there something linking some of the drawings.

Or are you just watching the evening news while drawing?


My sketching sessions tend to be stream of consciousness. And it's over a period of days. And I'll put them on the same sheet of paper (saves space). What's interesting is how they seem to WANT to fall into some kind of natural narrative. It's not on purpose. I may draw a gorilla one day, followed by an item I saw in the AJC and BOOM...a surreal relationship is automatically presented.

It's what Pollock called the "accident on purpose". That's the charm of combining images on the same page. I start with isolated drawings, then something happens.

Glad you guys recognize this particular dynamic and it's fun to read your reactions.


Any particular reason why the political (historic?) figures are in 'black and white' tones while the 'cartoons?" are in color?

While a stream on consciousness may lead to a caricature, do the figures already there influence subsequent placements?


Not particularly. You've got to keep in mind the sketch pages are all improv. That is to say, I don't plan them.

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