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Say What?


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Oui, as a matter of fact, I am French.


See, I didn't make one mention of the phal...er, Gallic, er...tower in the background.

"Call me Duck Dodgersth again and you sthall join my collecthion of Dick headsthz. To everything there is a stheasthon, you know."

GarandFan, you are a marvelously sneaky bastage.



"Damn. The tower really is more pointy than my hat."


I don't like parties where somebody else is whereing the same thing as I am. Either that hat back there goes or I go.



"We have a teleporter, Phim. A teleporter. We can go anywhere in the freakin' galaxy, for Gad's sake."

"All right, you win. Let's go see the Alamo."

It's a birthmark. Can we move on.


Don't look now but I think our cover has been blown.


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