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Bindar the XI, spiritual mentor to Third Circle Freign. Known for his pacifist teachings of pre-G*E*R*M*A*I*N* Throon. Exiled to a small moon of Gathalon for harboring Devon Stark during the Korolai Uprising.

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Reminds me of a mystic from "The Dark Crystal".


That's exactly what I was thinking.


I'm a big Jim Hensen fan....so, yeah....I think I was vibing a bit from Dark Crystal. I just adored the reptilian-vulture combo to the extent that I was trying for something softer,


Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder. A thousand years ago, this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked.


Ah, the Korolai Uprising! When Stark and Thrash were still friends. Friends? Thrash had wanted to win that cribbage game so badly. Freign Alstrol had gotten her revenge. Only one person knew of her weakness for Troma. Bindar had tired to warn them, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The ESC Baton fight had been brutal, yet Bindar noticed the Nornly twins were betting AGAINST Thrash, the odds-on-favorite and supposedly their friend and business partner. Partner? Why did the zenon crystal vibrate so wildly when he mentioned that word?


I like the design - the long hunched neck, sad and sleepy feeling of the face with the drooping eyelids and the look of the robe and headscarf.

Just one thing: shouldn't the pattern on the robe be the same on the bottom part as the top part? Or is it like a top and skirt? And the sleeve bordering seems a bit too blue compared to the dulled colours of the rest of the pic.


We're talkin' ALIEN fashion here. Who knows what appeals to 'em.

Don't ask about undies, either


Its a spiritual robe, each pattern depicts a certain aspect of the path to elightenment, plus its laundry day so the really cool new robes are in the wash, where hopefully the students will not have another accident with the bleach and remember to wash it on warm with like colors and hang to dry


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