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Sock Puppet Theatre

A little alone time....

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The fact that this made me laugh scares me a little.


Maybe they need to live apart for a while to better appreciate each other. ;-)


What really worries me are the whereabouts of the other hand.

Great one. Made me laugh.




Strewth John, when I saw this I was amased at the similarity in an unpublished cartoon I did for my own amusment years ago where I was the subject with the sock saying
" You're self analysing again !"

I'd like to say great minds think alike but that would not be complimentary to you. You are the cartoonists, cartoonsit !!
Love this blog of your mate.


I'm sure many cartoonists find the sock puppet motif a classic. It's Freudian and surreal and AUTOMATICALLY funny.

I do think very creative types cover the same ground...just in different boots.

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