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The "hula girl" reminds of this niece I have who likes to pretend she's in Tahiti, dancing for the "lava people".

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Ugh, what are they trying to serve the dude with coffee?

Really nice detail there on the pistol.


Btw, I get an error message every time I post a comment:

An error occurred
No entry_id


I was going for some sort of Asian dish in which the main ingredient was some creature from the bottom of the Pacific.

The error thing is something I don't know much about. If I hear from others, I'll try to see to it.

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

Is that Stewie from Family Guy on the top middle?

I'm quite partial to the figure on the lower right. Something about his pointed nose and beard just attracts my attention...

Oh, and nice detail on the gun.


Nice pistol....anything psych wise going on there? :o)


is that the prince from Katamari Damacy?

Good job, btw.

Is that by any chance a Beretta in the Model 81 series? I have one (a Model 86) and it's by far my favorite gun. I used it when I qualified for my permit, many years ago. There were a couple of young fellows in the class who were quite annoyed that the old geezer out-shot them. I tried to explain that it was the Beretta, not me, but I don't think I convinced them.

Thanks for the peek into your mind. Keep it coming! It's great.

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