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Say What?


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"I swear to God, it's just a birth mark,"


"Is it the glasses?"


"This is what happens when you fall asleep next to a skin-head with a permanent marker."

It's my first amendment right!

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

""I swear to God, it's just a birth mark"
I actually knew a girl once who had birthmark right next to her mouth that looked exactly like a phallic object. Poor girl.

Steven Brockerman:

You've got us all wrong. Actually, we Arabs have always admired the West. Well, at least certain aspects.


I am not a sex toy!

Samurai Zergling:

"It's not what you think... It's a prison tattoo."

"Actually, it's how the Raelians mark those who have been chosen for their superior genetic structure."

You know what they say about men with Nazi tatoos...


"Yeah...my rabbi said the same thing."

If you ladies play your cards right, you just might get to see my other tattoo!

Steven Brockerman :D


"Don't worry. I'm totally past my Charlie Manson phase."


"Oh, right, and YOU'VE never gotten rat-arsed, eaten a pound of schnitzel, stuck two sausages up your nose, and asked your buddies, 'hey guys, what next?'"


"Is it me or the guy next to me you are staring at?"


Do I have something in my teeth?


What? You never did something in the 60s that you regretted?


Now you know why they always keep me in some secure, undisclosed location.

"It was either this, or welch on the bet. At least I keep my word, ladies."

In the future everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.

Why, yes, Gorby and I did frequent the same tattoo parlor in college. How did you guess?


What.... I'm not entitled to a midlife crisis?


(Sorry, missed one.)

I'm tellin' ya, it's a spider! I'd have to be crazy to get one of THOSE tattooed on my face!


Its the hindu symbol for evolution, NOT a NeoNazi symbol What are you Ladies thinking?

Carie Alexsy:

"The swastika isn't the only thing I learned from Hinduism!"

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"what r u starin at?"
"look, i woz drunk, ok?"
"i have a missus with lipstick, does that answer your question?"

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