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Say What?


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"Hopefully my policeman son will figure out I'm not at a bake sale..."


DEATH is thinking "Good god if she launches into another description of her arthritic knees, colonoscapy (With Video!!) or cousin Maybel's daughter Judy's second son Sydney's piano recital, I AM gonna use the sythe on my self"

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

"King me?"

"He's not eating enough."

It's just a game...
It's just a game...
it's just a game...


Note to self: if you're going to gamble with Death. Choose Boggle.


What about the black spot?
And the thing top-right of granny's hair?


White castles long...damn you, Antonius Block, you said you were just running to the store!

Mister, you're going down.


Checkmate....I win, see you in 20 years.


I vote for Joana, but here's another.

Why not a bake-off?


"Bag-o-bonz goin down if dat blade git any closer to ma do."

"I knew I should have done the Benko Opening."

Ooh, praise. I feel validated. ;-)

I'd like to see what Death would come up with in a bake-off. I'm picturing cupcakes with black icing and little sugar tombstones sticking out of them. He'd get beat by Beulah's lemon squares, though.

Steven Brockerman:

As America's top negotiator, I'm authorized to offer you our queen for your promise not to nuke us.

Steven Brockerman:

Funny, you don't look like a Moslem.

Steven Brockerman:

You say you're from Iran? How's the weather there?

Samurai Zergling:

"Two out of three." "Best of five." You'd think he never lost a game before.

Samurai Zergling:

"Two out of three." "Best of five." You'd think he never lost a game before.


"Okay... Does the castle thingy go up and down, or diagonal? C'mon Mabel, this is IMPORTANT!"

Hey! What's he doing with his foot?

"This is the last time I let my son set me up on a blind date."


"Don't notice you forgot to place your queen. Don't notice you forgot to place your queen...."


hehe...I'll bet he's never seen this move.

"Hmmm... should I tell him he could use a breath mint?"


"I knew we should have played Twister..."

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