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Say What?


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joe frye:

Blown up? That's your problem. All illegal aliens must "touchback" to their home country before applying for full citizenship.


Super Heros, 3rd isle, left side.

Aaron Cox:

Only one danish left...I'll thumb wrestle you for it.


Do super heroes do splinters?


Never mind. Turns out it's the politicians robbing the treasury...

Kryptonite, shmyptonite! Get back to the docks and unload the Luther delivery.

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

"put on a shirt"


Hey Steve, there's a Captain Insano at the front door.


"That is my name on the front of that building, so you will fly up there and clean those windows. And next time i tell you to do something, you better make it snappy tough guy!"


"Uncle Sam's team is in the back. Go ahead and sign in; the flight to Iran leaves in an hour..."


"You can go ahead and call it a day man, TSA is on the job."


Just because I'm bald doesn't mean I'm the most diabolical mind in the universe. Now beat Superjerk.

Suck my thumb, bastard!


"Get over there NOW, you big stupid jerk."

Michael Ingalls:

"You'll get lynched if you go in there. The Senate floor is only open to Dr. Phil."


Chin removal? Yeah, it's back there.

Liam H:

You better out there and speak to those crazies Superman. Rosie's with 'em she says your secretly working with Lex Luthor.

Look, all I know is that Wonder Woman's in there crying and she won't say why.

Look, all I know is that Wonder Woman's in there crying and she won't say why. Now get in there and apologize for whatever it is you did so I can get to my computer.


"No, THAT...is...SPAR-TA!!!"

Reminds me of a comedy album I heard...

"Red "S"? I'll give YOU a red "S" AND a black eye if you don't step away from that phone booth !!"

-Bill Cosby c.1967

You'll do great filling out our "Getting tough on illegal aliens" photo-op. Get in the line, chop-chop.

... so you see it's all relative. To them, you're the villian. You're just perpetuating the cycle of violence.


That's the third broken keyboard this week. How about some super-control? You're outta here.

Lord ZYRK:

Get a green card or get out.

Samurai Zergling:

Doesn't matter. If those boots aren't Steel-Toed, you gotta leave.


Rub your own head for luck.. and, No. I don't know where you can get a new pair of Speedos.. Whatta world... whatta world.

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