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Had a little fun with an old Bic ballpoint pen. (Everytime I see one of those things, I flash on the thousands of notes I took in my junior high lit classes in the late 70's.) If you use a light touch, you can get some nice shade variations and line widths.

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That guy with the hat:

I regret that many of my not-as-mediocre doodles lately have been done with cruddy pens.

Oh, Bic! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I used a Bic this last Sunday night at the IHOP to sketch some trolls, goblins, and ogres on the backs of placemats. There is a certain freedom to be found in using ink, rather than pencil, while sketching something completely irrelevant on a piece of valueless paper.

My tablemates confiscated the artwork and have threatened to auction it on eBay.

Great way to pay for your meals. Have you ever tipped a caricature drawing?

I've never tipped with caricature, mostly because I've worked food-service, and I know these folks have little enough disposable income.

They also typically don't have a good place to keep the picture safe until the end of the shift.

Still, adding a caricature TO the tip, and doing it on comic-book backing board and then putting it in a bag... that's something I may just have to consider for the next trip to IHOP.

One thing I love about doodle sheets is the way the unrelated sketches accidentally interact with each other.

For instance, I know that's a monocle in the top-hatted gentleman's hand, but it looks for all the world like he's adusting a knob on Creepy Hood Guy's neck. Oh, the places I could go with that one . . .

Your work is Great. It's also nice to know that I'm not alone in the creative world being conservative.

My last two blog entries are of postcards I did using a Bic pen. I love the "sketchability" they allow you.

I'm glad I found your editorial and blog site. I'll be looking forward to all the new entries while catching up on the old.


Glad to hear you're out there sketchin' away. Any time you want to talk shop, I'm all ears.

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