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The Duke

DU KE.123.gif

After watching "El Dorado" for the jillionth time, I got my watercolor pad out and did this. By the way, has there ever been a more drunk, clueless, spittle-ridden sherrif than Robert Mitchum's?

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Oooh! I like your Duke picture. And yes, I completely agree with your analysis of Mitchum's character. I certainly can't think of anyone who's done a better job as a drunken and filthy sherif.

Probably part of the reason El Dorado is my favorite John Wayne movie.

Be lookiing for more of these old school Hollywood caricatures. Feels like I was born forty years too late. Man, the mugs on these guys!

More?! *beams* Yay!

I know what you mean about being born waaaay too late. I have so little in common with my age-group, such as loving old movies and movie actors. ^_^


That's because the old Hollywood system nurtured talent, as opposed to today's industry. Actors were cultivated and guided, not left to their own (and their agents') devices.

This had its own problems, but across the board there seemed to be more talent available. Kind of like baseball before free-agency.


Not sure I really like the big, heavy looking Duke face. Looks a bit too much like Mr. Wilson from the Dennis the Menace comic strip.

Mitchum's job in the film was fabulous, of course, along with the entire production. I finally figured out how to tell the 2 movies apart, BTW. El dorado has James Caan in it because he has that poem, so "colorado" must be in Rio Bravo. Ricky Nelson is colorado and sings with Dean Martin, so Mitchum must be in El Dorado. The tricky part then is Bull and Stumpy. I just remember Stumpy saying "Dude" a lot, which is the Dean Martin character. And, Stumpy sings too! forgot about that bit.

The problem with the 2 movies is I like parts of both and miss the other one no matter which one I'm watching.

All in all I do enjoy the style and skill of all the johncoxart. I might even be in the market for a painting if an interesting one shows up.

thank you,


Thanks for the encouragement.

John Wayne had been in the movies for so long that he developed different looks. I went with the aged 'been-there-done-that" look.

I'll be showing alot of fine art, so I'm pretty sure you'll see something you want to own....EVENTUALLY.

Stay tuned....


As far as drunken & filthy sherrifs go it's hard to argue against Rooster Cogburn. Oh. Wait. He was a U.S. Marshall. Never mind.

Love the work John . Thanks for recognizing one of our Iowa Boys. That Marion kid turned out all right.

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