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Cortez of Nebula Roja


Castigated by a chaotic blood feud in his home system, Garparra, Cortez strikes out for the legendary Boovian Mines of Helix 12 with his Ranger Class White Witch and his assassin droid, Stric9.

Comments (5)

John Cox:


Accidentally dumped your comments. Try again?

Stric9? Perhaps you could give him a female companion as well? Amanda Reckonwith??

John Cox:

Hey Proof
Neat. Cortez might be a loner, though.

Eric Fithian:

It might help a *leetle* bit if you could keep the punctuation in the URLs...

~-Illustration-Spacejpg is obviously not the intent.

Unfortunately, I get interesting errors when I try to put a period before "jpg" ...

Firefox managed to display the pic, so no big deal.
On with the fun!!

Ed B:

Be careful around that bastard Han Solo. He tends to shoot first.


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