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Movie Poster Illustration Idea


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Kevin Cos & Eddie Murph....interestingk...very interestink


But...but...but he seemed like such a NICE guy!


Erm, which one?


Clich├ęs Die Hard...

Sounds like a Bruce Willis movie. Plot: John McClane is investigating why DHS, the SSA, & local police are stockpiling 5.56 ammo. He discovers that security services in government agencies are being purged of Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom vets, & are being replaced with NWO types. He also learns that massive amounts of Democrat Super PAC money are being used to stockpile even more ammo in an attempt to (1) drive up ammo prices as surrogate gun control, & (2) prepare for civil unrest in the event of collapse. The U.S. government is fast becoming a de facto Sharia organization. McClane tries to infiltrate the armed services and convince the lower echelon commanders to organize against "the elite." Suspense, action, & melee ensues. It's "Die Hard" meets "Valkyrie" meets "The Patriot."

Yo Menashe:

Great one Terwilliger, I'll be there. I'm a Die Hard Fan from way back.



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