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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bite off your ear.

Is chompers in the news again?

John Cox:

Nah...that's my impression of Ali's talkative nature.


If you are talking about grating on nerves....
Perhaps Obama or Pelosi?


I love the caricature! IMO over a lifetime, he's a Great American...Why? because we all feel strongly about him,regardless of what side you are on.

He was a showman, equal to PT Barnum and Houdini. He was an incredible athlete, maybe only comparable to himself. He had great controversy, (we all know why he went to jail passively) and tragedy in his life, self inflicted, but in the end became a loving father.

When I was in 6th Grade, we actually took a class vote on Fraser Ali I. I voted for Frazier. It was in later life that I became a huge fan of "The Great One".

His greatest moment? Lighting the Flame in Atlanta. He was proud, I was proud, and most American went nuts.


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