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Do I see a little of Peter Lorie in that one sketch?


I thought I "recognized" the fellow on the right as Michael Meyers, but that looks like Cornel West's hair. No problem seeing how cubism would inspire that.


Not a big movie buff. I had to search to find out who Peter Lorre is. I can see it--& as it turns out, I do remember him from [a later running of] 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

John Cox:

Hey G

Lorie? I was playing with the concept of putting a profile face (right portion) meshed with a frontal face (left portion). Turned out a bit cubist.


John, yeah, I could see the Picasso coming out in you, but a pic of Lorie's face could also look cubist.


That sounds awfully racist, T. The hypocrite finally reveals himself.

Who is Peter Lorie? Eugene Weingand tried to change his name to that so he could trade on his resemblance to Peter Lorre, but no dice. He did change his name to Lorre Junior after Lorre died.

T again:


Racist? Really? How's this:

Michael Meyers is a very bright man. I really respect him for his reasoning ability. It bugs me just how difficult it is to find a lot of his work. Search engines bury him (they repeatedly redirect you to any Mike Myers/Meyers BUT him), & sites that once carried his columns either bury them or pull them altogether. No Wiki page for either him or the organization he directs. I would think that if he'd been involved in any kind of scandal, the Left would have pummeled him by now. Instead, they marginalize him. Fortunately, the New York Civil Rights Coalition web site carries him on their blog (he's the NYCRC Executive Director).

I can't think of an instance where I don't disagree with West's reasoning; there may be a kernel of truth (& then some) to his observations, but I typically disagree with his analyses, explanations, & his view of "the solution(s)." I don't like that West is a self-avowed Socialist, but he's due credit that his conviction is strong enough he publicly proclaims it.

I have no ill feelings for either man. I admire Meyers, & although I mostly disagree with West, I respect him. I sure as heck don't feel superior to either one--it's highly probable I'm not even close to being their intellectual equal.


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