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John Cox:

HEY Anon
Yeah, I thought you might like that.


Kettering never met the EPA. ;)

John Cox:

Heard ya!


I'm not following. If you rephrase the quote as a negative, you get something like, "There is no frontier when minds are closed & people are obstructive." Seems to me he understood both enterprise & gubmint pretty well.

Doc Al:

I like it better when transposed:
"Where there is an open mind and a willing hand, there will always be a frontier."

John Cox:

Hey Doc
Or the Zen-like transposition:
"Where there is a open hand and a willing frontier, there will always be a mind"

Doc Al:

Or - At the Frontier Massage Parlor, where there is an open hand, there will always be a happy ending, if you don't mind.

T again:

I just meant "RE: the EPA" you thilly gootheth.


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